Lumen help

Sharing your desktop in an IM/chat window

To share your desktop in an IM/chat window:

  1. With an IM/chat in progress, click screen share (the computer screen icon) on the communication ribbon at the top of the chat window.
Active chat window
  1. Select the application (or your entire desktop) you want to display, then click Start Sharing (the computer screen icon).

    The IM/chat participant receives an invite prompt at the bottom of their computer screen.
Now Sharing
  1. When the screen share control panel opens you can do any of the following:

    • To pause your screen share, click the pause icon.

    • To stop your screen share, click the stop icon.

    • To select what to share, click find (the square with the arrow in the middle icon).

    • To preview what you’re going to share, click preview (the eye icon).
  1. When you’re done sharing, click Stop Sharing (the computer screen icon) on the screen share control panel.