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Starting a conference call in Business Communicator

Sometimes you’ll be on a call and need to add more people to the call. You can start a conference call whether you initiated the call or received the call.

To start a conference call:

  1. With a call in progress, from the active call window, click More (the dialpad icon) on the communication ribbon at the top of the window.
Active call
  1. Click Conference.
Adding phone number
  1. Type a contact’s name or phone number into the Search and Dial field, using the keys on your computer. You can also copy and paste a phone number into the field.
  1. Click Call.
Calling other phone number
  1. When the contact answers, announce the person is being added to the call.
Conference call merge icon
  1. To bring the first person into the call, from the active call area in the main window, click Merge Call (the merged arrow icon).
Conference call merged
  1. Repeat this process for each individual you want to add to the call

  2. You cannot remove callers from your conference call after they're added. If a person is no longer needed on the call, they must hang up. If you need to continue the call after a person has left, as a best practice, you should disconnect from the current call and start a new conference call.