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Using My Room to IM/chat with multiple contacts

To use My Room to IM/chat with multiple contacts:

  1. To open a My Room chat window, from the green presence banner, click the house icon.
My Room
  1. To invite and add a contact to a My Room chat, left-click on the contact, then drag the record into the bottom of the chat window. 

Note: Only people from your contacts can be added to a My Room chat. If you want to add a contact from the directory, you’ll need to save the person to your contacts first, and then add the contact into a My Room conversation.

The person is invited (and added if available) into the conversation in the My Room chat window. 

  1. Repeat these steps to add more contacts.
  1. To join a conference call in a My Room chat window with your My Room attendees, click the handsetphone, or video icon.