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Downloading the Enterprise Assistant Toolbar

With the Enterprise Assistant Toolbar, you can make and receive calls, and change call settings in your browser and Microsoft Outlook. Using the toolbar, you can also turn features like Call Forwarding, Remote Office, and Anywhere on and off. Other features available include Click to Dial, Click to Answer, and personal and group directories.


  • After you download the Enterprise Assistant Toolbar, you'll need to use either Internet Explorer or Firefox to make and receive calls.

  • After you download the Enterprise Assistant Toolbar, to find the toolbar in Microsoft Outlook, click Add-ins on the top navigation menu.

To download the Enterprise Assistant toolbar:

  1. Type your user ID and password (refer to your welcome email for your user ID and password), then click Log in.
installation wizard welcome
  1. Click Next.
download destination folder
  1. Select the folder for installing the toolbar:

    • If you want to install the toolbar in the default folder that displays in the wizard, click Next.

    • If you want to install the toolbar in another folder, click Browse, then select the folder for installing the toolbar.
  1. From the Select the Installation Type window, select the type of installation you want (we recommend selecting the Complete installation), then click Next.Next step. [step with image before: 40px before, 20px after]
  1. From the Install Ready window, click Next to begin installing the application.
download select installation type
  1. If a prompt opens asking if you want the program from an unknown publisher to make changes to your computer, click Yes.
download user account control
  1. Windows Installer prompts you to close Outlook and your browser if either are running, then click Retry.
  1. When the Enterprise Assistant Toolbar installation is complete, click Finish.