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Logging in to the Enterprise Assistant Toolbar for the first time

The first time you access your Enterprise Assistant Toolbar, you’ll need to register the application with your user Information before you can log in.

To register your Enterprise Assistant Toolbar application:

  1. Open your browser or Microsoft Outlook with the Enterprise Assistant Toolbar.

Note: To find the toolbar in Microsoft Outlook, click Add-ins on the top navigation menu.

voip enterprise assistant toolbar logged out status
  1. Click Options (the orange flower icon) from the main menu.
  1. Click General.
  1. To set your toolbar to automatically start every time you’re logged in to the network, click the General tab, then select the Auto login when connected to network checkbox.
voip enterprise assistant toolbar options general auto login
  1. Click Account.
  1. Type your username and password (refer to your welcome email for your username and password).
voip enterprise assistant toolbar options account