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Making a call from your Speed Dial 100 directory

From your Lumen Hosted VoIP phone you can program up to 100 contacts with speed dial numbers in your Speed Dial 100 directory. You can access the list from the Enterprise Assistant Toolbar to dial any of these contacts. All speed dial contacts you make from either your desk phone or the VoIP portal synchronizes with the Enterprise Assistant Toolbar.


To program a contact for speed dial, dial *75 on your desk phone, enter a two-digit number (00-99) to assign a speed dial code, then enter the contact’s 10-digit phone number. To see the new speed dial contact from the Enterprise Assistant Toolbar, click Speed Dial 100 (the blue timer/clock icon) and refresh your screen.

To make a call from your Speed Dial 100 directory:

  1. Open your browser or Microsoft Outlook with the Enterprise Assistant Toolbar.
voip enterprise assistant toolbar search field
  1. Click Speed Dial 100 (the blue timer/clock icon).
voip enterprise assistant toolbar personal directory
  1. Click the speed dial number next to the contact you want to call.
  1. To end the call, click the red phone icon.