The Future of Connectivity with Internet On‑Demand: Lumen x Equinix

What you’ll learn

Traditional internet services require significant time and cost investments that can hinder business operations and growth. With the introduction of Lumen® Internet On‑Demand, Lumen is revolutionizing the way Equinix customers consume and pay for internet, tailoring it to your individual needs. Learn how Internet On‑Demand can help reduce CapEx, improve customer experiences and optimize real‑time app response—all delivered in minutes.

What to expect:

  • What is Internet On‑Demand?
  • Where does it fit within the Lumen Network‑as‑a‑Service portfolio?
  • How can Equinix customers get started with Internet On‑Demand?
  • Discussion on use cases and real‑world examples


Rob Ward, Lumen VP of Network Technology

Andy Castle, VP of Global Networks Planning & Implementation Equinix

Watch the webinar for insights on Internet On‑Demand and the future of connectivity

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