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Delivering Value-Driven Performance, Price and Reliability -- building a foundation for next-gen experiences

Effective communication solutions that offer uncommon value are mission critical. That's why Lumen Government and Educational Solutions – Voice, Data, Internet and Managed – are all designed to help you achieve the increased productivity and efficiency you need to exceed your communities' expectations.


Lumen is a global leader in network services and hosted IT solutions for government entities, businesses and consumers in local, national and international markets. Our Georgia State, Local and Educational (SLED) team of sales, support, technical and program management professionals provide high quality network solutions and outstanding customer service.


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About GTA
GTA is a state agency that manages the delivery of IT infrastructure services to Georgia's executive branch agencies, as well as managed network services to 1,200 state and local government entities. GTA also offers public entities access to standardized contracts with a pool of industry-leading IT providers.


About GTA Direct
The GTA Direct program provides a quick path to managed IT services from pre-qualified providers and makes those services available to Georgia agencies, local governments, colleges and universities, and boards of education statewide

Service Category 1 – Data Circuits for Wide Area Networking


Service Category

Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 1 - Data Circuits for Wide Area Networking

Access  1.0 

Most network products in this portfolio require an Access Line. CenturyLink is able to provide pricing for all locations that are considered On-Net. That pricing has been provided in the price file on the Access tab in each catalog. Off-Net pricing/quoting is performed on an Individual Case Basis (ICB) and will be quoted on a site by site basis. Contact your CenturyLink Account Manager and they will be able to determine if a site can be reached using any of our third-party local access partners or analyzed for a new fiber build. Where applicable, the "Not-To-Exceed" pricing will be used where facilities are available and special construction is not required.

The following products require an Access Line:

  • Optical Wavelength Service (OWS)
  • Data Bundles
  • Dedicated Internet Access


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SERVICE CATEGORY 1 - Data Circuits for Wide Area Networking


The CenturyLink MPLS/IP VPN service delivers global any-to-any connectivity over a variety of connection types in a flexible, secure, cost-effective and cloud-friendly way. It offers the capabilities enterprises need to optimize network costs, deploy diversity options and help improve connectivity among geographically dispersed locations. Internet, voice and data can be delivered via flexible converged connectivity that maximizes your investment in the WAN. By incorporating market-leading features, such as our suite of managed and security services, the CenturyLink MPLS/IP VPN offer is designed for privacy and security, while allowing you to view and manage application performance through our worldclass customer portal.

CenturyLink leverages our global Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network to create private customer paths across our backbone. MPLS allows network operators to make the most efficient use of their network resources and enables improved management of traffic flows across the network to minimize the risk of congestion. Using the latest MPLS technology, we provide you with carrier-grade Quality of Service over our entire backbone with MPLS-TE (Traffic Engineering) technology to enhance network manageability and scalability for your mission-critical applications.

Technical Features/Capabilities


  • Full Mesh

Port Speeds

  • 1 Mbps – 10 Gbps (where available)

Bandwidth Increments

  • T1, NxT1 (1.5 Mbps, 3.072, 4.608, 6.144, 7.68, 9.213), E1, NxE1 (2.048, 4.096, 6.144, 8.192, 10.24, 12.28), E3 (10, 20, 30, 34.3 Mbps), DS3 (10, 20, 30, 40, 45 Mbps )
  • OC3/STM 1 (10, 30, 70, 100, 130, 155 Mbps), OC12/STM 4 (100-600 Mbps in 100 Mbps increments and 622 Mbps)
  • Ethernet (1-10 Mbps in 1 Mbps increments), Fast Ethernet (10 -100 Mbps in 10 Mbps increments)
  • Gigabit Ethernet (100 Mbps -1 Gbps in 100 Mbps increments)
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps – 10 Gbps in 1000 Mbps increments)

Access Types

  • CenturyLink on-net and off-net third-party vendors
  • Ethernet Dedicated and Switched (E-NNIs), TDM, OCN, DSL (UK), Cellular 3G/4G backup (US), Satellite - where available
  • Higher-availability options based on dual or hybrid connectivity CoS
  • Six CoS: Premium Plus, Premium, Enhanced Plus, Enhanced, Basic Plus, Basic

Usage-based billing

  • Yes

Core Technology

  • IP over Private MPLS

Global Network Reach


Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Standard POP-to-POP availability, latency, data delivery and jitter
  • End-to-end available with optional APM service

Wireless Backup (WBS)

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SERVICE CATEGORY 1 - Data Circuits for Wide Area Networking

Wireless Backup (LTE)

CenturyLink Wireless Backup Service (WBS) provides you with a cost-effective, business continuity solution tied to our Internet and private port offerings. CenturyLink IQ Networking, with wireless backup access, makes up the foundation of this service, providing a reliable and fault tolerant networking solution for customers with small to large sized remote business locations. WBS is based on LTE technology and comes with a Cradlepoint router with an internal antenna. External antennae are an option and would be designed and configured for additional cost on a detailed Scope of Work.

Optical Wavelength Service (OWS)

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Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 1 - Data Circuits for Wide Area Networking

Optical Wavelength Service

CenturyLink Optical Wavelength Service is a fully managed, private, point-to-point service delivered over a state-of-the-art dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) network. CenturyLink uses state-of the-art DWDM technology that enables several streams of digital information to be put on different wavelengths of light, eliminating interference with one another. This allows transport of up to 96 channels in a single strand of fiber and translates into high capacity and low cost. This solution provides your business with the dedicated broadband transport network connectivity you need without capital outlay or the responsibility of owning and operating network infrastructure. Designed to offer redundancy, Optical Wavelength Service help protect your network against unexpected failures.


  • Point-to-point, fully managed optical wavelength service
  • State-of-the-art DWDM network technology
  • National and metro service connectivity
  • A service level agreement (SLA) that is among the industry leaders
  • Custom routing to meet unique diversity and disaster recovery requirements
  • Low latency
  • Unprotected or protected service options
  • 24/7/365 network monitoring includes: fault management of network transport alarms, surveillance, dispatch and fix verification/tracking


  • End-to-end transparency, giving you exceptional visibility and control of your broadband services for effective network management
  • Privately-owned fiber and repeater stations enabling you to focus on core competencies, relieving the burden of network management
  • Minimizes the financial expenditure of network ownership, preserving capital resources
  • Ability to be configured to meet disaster recovery requirements combined with a customer facing monitoring portal
  • World-class service level agreements from 99.9% to 99.99%

Available national and metro

  • Ethernet speeds: 1, 10, 100 Gbps
  • SONET/SDH speeds: 2.5, 10, 40 Gbps
  • OTU speeds: OTU 1, 2, 2e, 3, 4
  • FICON and Fibre Channel (metro only): 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 and 16 Gbps SAN

SD-WAN with Versa, Cisco Meraki, and Cisco Viptela

Service Category

Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 1 - Data Circuits for Wide Area Networking


SD-WAN with Versa Networks


SD-WAN with Viptela


SD-WAN with Meraki


CenturyLink SD-WAN with hybrid connectivity is a complete WAN solution to support secure, scalable networks across a full range of connectivity types. We offer co-managed and managed service options. CenturyLink offers a variety of technologies, including Versa, Cisco Meraki, and Cisco Viptela to address different business requirements and vendor preferences. We leverage our global WAN infrastructure to deliver complete hybrid WAN solutions with SD-WAN.

CenturyLink also offers a powerful self-service portal capability, giving you a single pane of glass for dynamic configuration and change management in a fully managed or comanaged environment. Optimize network performance site by site CenturyLink supports private and public connectivity options, including CenturyLink-provided MPLS/ IP VPN, internet and broadband aggregation, or customer-provided MPLS, broadband, wireless, or internet so you can get optimal performance, inherent security, and built-in automation to meet your site requirements worldwide.

Technical Features/Capabilities

  • Broad range of connectivity options including MPLS/IP VPN, broadband aggregation and management, dedicated internet, 4G/LTE and/or bring-your-own transport
  • Flexible WAN design options to fit individual site needs including high-availability configurations
  • Service wrapper that includes design, deployment, service configuration, site activation, change management, appliance/circuit monitoring and event management, appliance upgrades and 24/7 support for the entire WAN solution
  • SD-WAN-hosted infrastructure, software licenses and multiple rental CPE options supporting up to 10 Gbps
  • 24/7 customer self-service portal access for agile co-management
  • Authentication, key exchange and encryption
  • Application identification with automatic identification of over 3,100 pre-defined and customer defined applications for policy-based application control
  • Historical analytics, reporting and near real-time tools
  • Integrated firewall with optional next generation firewall functionality including URL filtering, IP filtering and IDS/IPS

CenturyLink Ethernet Service

Service Category

Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 1 - Data Circuits for Wide Area Networking


CenturyLink Ethernet Service


CenturyLink Ethernet Services (E-Services) power secure, high-performance network solutions that enable voice, video, and data applications. Offering point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to multipoint private connectivity with scalable, dynamic bandwidth, CenturyLink E-Services is ideal for providing high-speed connections among corporate headquarters, data centers, and other business locations around the world.

With multiple configuration and class of service options backed by comprehensive service level agreements (SLA), customers can rely on CenturyLink E-Services as the foundation for solving complex networking challenges, like business continuity and disaster recovery, high-performance centralized computing, data replication/storage/ archiving, and internal voice and video conferencing. CenturyLink E-Services offers a turnkey Ethernet solution with Building Extensions to extend services from the common demarcation point to your desired location within your building. Plus, Advanced Engineering Services are available to help support solution designs, implementation planning and activation support, which drives quick, easy deployments for new Ethernet networks and locations.

E-Services Portfolio

  • The CenturyLink E-Services product set can help enable any Ethernet network design:
    • CenturyLink E-Line Service is available for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networking
    • CenturyLink E-LAN Service is available for multipoint-to- multipoint networking
    • CenturyLink E-Access Service utilizes an ENNI to deliver point-to-multipoint connectivity to extend a carrier and service provider’s reach

Key Features include:

  • Layer 2 Ethernet over private MPLS backbone
  • Availability SLA: 99.999%
  • Port Speeds: 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps
  • Bandwidths available from 2 Mbps to 6 Gbps
  • CE MEF2.0 industry standards certification to support multiple configurations
  • Two Class of Service models:
    • Single-CoS – Basic, Enhanced, or Dedicated on a per-EVC basis
    • Multi-CoS on a per-frame basis
  • Enhanced Management for site specific SLAs and end-to-end network visibility
  • Dynamic Capacity for instantly scalable bandwidth
  • Dynamic Connections for adding connectivity between data centers and cloud service providers

Dark Fiber

Service Category

Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 1 - Data Circuits for Wide Area Networking

Dark Fiber

CenturyLink builds and manages some of the world’s largest managed optical fiber networks for organizations that move massive amounts of data, want secure networks and network control. Our solutions are private and designed to meet the highest security standards, deliver low latency and grow at the speed of your business. Serve your long-term network needs while delivering quick payback and peace of mind. Dark Fiber can safeguard your future bandwidth demands and help keep your costs under control. With CenturyLink Dark Fiber solutions, you make the decisions and we handle the heavy lifting. Get all the benefits of network ownership without having to construct the physical network yourself.


  • Expansive North America metro and intercity fiber route miles connecting major cities
  • Separate dedicated NOC for Managed Dedicated Fiber customers
  • Uptime SLAs with complete prescriptive control over scheduled maintenance
  • Fast turnaround on logical moves, upgrades and new meshing

Data Bundle/Managed Data Bundle

Service Category

Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 1 - Data Circuits for Wide Area Networking

Data Bundles

Pre-select bandwidth, service and CPE features, manage as much as you want, and upgrade as your needs evolve. Features include:

Business-grade IP reliability – Dedicated, high-performance solution for internet and private-data networking;

Complete customization – Fully configured and flexible solutions designed for compatibility with your internal network and armed with 24/7/365 support;

Proactive control – Full read/write access keeps you in charge no matter what management service.

Select between ADTRAN, Cisco, and Juniper rental CPE with configuration change support. Data Bundle solutions are eligible to receive End-to-End Performance Reporting at no additional charge on the Private Ports. We coordinate network service delivery with the configuration and delivery of the router. The router is shipped directly to the customer premises to be ready to connect to the network connection.

Data Bundle Standard – Standard provides basic connectivity to the Internet multi-site private networking MPLS. Features include:

  • Ports – Internet Port and Private Port MPLS IPSec VPN configurations
  • Multiple bandwidth speeds
  • Routers – ADTRAN or Cisco rental, pre-configured based on customer specifications, ready to plug 'n play with up to 10 configuration changes per year
  • Maintenance – either 8x5, next business day (NBD) or upgrade to 24/7/365 on-site, 4hour CPE maintenance

Data Bundle Pro – Pro provides advanced routing and security configuration options with an advanced software solution on the routers. Features include:

  • Data Protection – firewall configured to customer's needs
  • IPSec VPN configurations
  • VoIP-ready
  • Customized Advanced Routing – BGP, GRE, OSPF and customized QoS
  • NAT/PAT and DMZ security configurations

Managed Data Bundles
– With our Managed Data Bundles, proactive management provides a more intimate on-going customer experience. Customers can leverage our internal expertise for monitoring, troubleshooting and resolution services with additional configuration changes supported per year, while having the peace of mind of full read/write access to the routers.

Managed Select (includes every feature of Pro, plus router management):

  • Single point of contact for repair and configuration requests
  • Proactive Monitoring & Management –24/7/365 fault notification
  • Performance Reporting – real-time router activity and trouble tickets
  • 12 Routing configuration changes per year (MACDs)
  • Supports full read/write access
  • Credit paying SLAs

Managed Comprehensive
(includes every feature of Select router management):

  • Data Protection – firewall management and configuration
  • VPN Tunnel – IPSec VPN tunnel management
  • Complex routing configurations
  • 24 Routing configuration changes (MACDs)

Rental CPE Maintenance Options

Select between 8x5 next business day (NBD) or 24/7/365 on-site 4-hour response maintenance, minimum 2-year term. Location must be qualified for Premium, 24/7/365, on-site 4-hour response.

Service Category 2 – Dedicated Internet Access


Service Category

Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 2 - Dedicated Internet

Access  2.0 

Most network products in this portfolio require an Access Line. CenturyLink is able to provide pricing for all locations that are considered On-Net. That pricing has been provided in the price file on the Access tab in each catalog. Off-Net pricing/quoting is performed on an Individual Case Basis (ICB) and will be quoted on a site by site basis. Contact your CenturyLink Account Manager and they will be able to determine if a site can be reached using any of our third-party local access partners or analyzed for a new fiber build. Where applicable, the "Not-To-Exceed" pricing will be used where facilities are available and special construction is not required.

The following products require an Access Line:

  • Optical Wavelength Service (OWS)
  • Data Bundles
  • Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access

Service Category

Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 2 - Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet Access

CenturyLink owns and operates a Tier-1 Internet backbone specifically geared for enterprise applications and market growth. Our network span—coupled with the speed and resiliency of our Internet Services— can help reliably and securely provide the enhanced internet capabilities your business demands.

Technical features/capabilities

  • A comprehensive suite of high-quality, high-speed internet options:
    • Ethernet connections from 10/100 Mbps to 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps
    • Packet over SONET/SDH (POS): OC3/STM1, OC12/STM4, OC48/STM16, OC192/STM64
    • Serial: DS1/E1, DS3/E3
  • Flexible billing solutions
    • flat rate, usage-based and aggregate billing options
  • IP enabled facilities are only a cross connect away from our IP backbone
  • Efficient online service management that includes a customer portal with access to billing, interactive network utilization reports, managing trouble tickets and real-time SLA reports
  • Internet security: Our standard network security includes temporary IP filtering through null routes and limited ACL filtering upon request
  • Support for IP addressing, IPv4 and IPv4/ IPv6 dual-stack, DNS, BGP or static routing
  • 24/7 dedicated operational support from experienced IP and security professionals
  • Building Extension available to extend service from network demarcation point to the desired location within your building (i.e. floor, suite, etc.)

Adaptive Network Security (ANS)

Service Category

Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 2 - Dedicated Internet

Adaptive Network Security

The security pressure is building for today’s enterprise defenders. But with limited resources and the pressure to quickly respond to firewall alarms and events, practitioners struggle to keep up. CenturyLink Adaptive Network Security Service streamlines threat management by enabling consistent policy deployment, monitoring and event management across hybrid security environments.

Technical features and capabilities

  • Adaptive Network Security is built within the CenturyLink network to leverage local internet peering points to minimize latency
  • Rapid Threat Defense and threat visualization are powered by Black Lotus Labs threat intelligence
  • Encrypted remote access to private networks, cloud providers or to public internet
  • Supports mix of remote access sites and mobile users connecting from public and private connections (SD-WAN and MPLS/IP VPN)
  • Highly available service is provided by redundant security architecture
  • Configure one set of firewall policies to secure locations and users with no hardware to deploy
  • Shared bandwidth model per firewall instance supports multiple deployment use cases


Service Category

Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 2 - Dedicated Internet

DDoS 2.3

Enterprises need to deploy a multi-layered security approach backed by extensive threat analytics to defend against a variety of attack types. Only network-based DDoS mitigation solutions can provide realistic protection to enterprise resources, and our web application firewall solutions deliver a range of defenses to surround applications with powerful security.


  • 4.5 Tbps of attack ingestion capacity
  • Re-route and scrub all internet connections, not just CenturyLink on- net capacity
  • Generic route encapsulation (GRE) protocol, direct (VPN), CenturyLink Internet Direct, and proxy clean path returns
  • Advanced behavioral analytics technology and threat intelligence
  • Flow-based application monitoring and mitigation
  • Host level re-routing and IP filtering
  • Real-time attack and peacetime reporting
  • Emergency and customer-initiated mitigation using BGP route control
  • Support of customer premises equipment to cloud signaling

Managed Firewall

Service Category

Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 2 - Dedicated Internet

Managed Firewall

Firewalls are a key component in safeguarding your business from malicious threats. CenturyLink offers a variety of dedicated and shared, managed and co-managed, and monitored NextGen firewall solutions that help free you from the resource-intensive work of maintaining your firewall.

CenturyLink Managed Firewall Service delivers 24/7 firewall management and monitoring for advanced NextGen context and UTM content features and monitors threats leveraging CenturyLink Analytics and Threat Management. Whether we supply the hardware or manage and monitor what you already own, you have more time to focus on your core business competencies while we provide the security expertise.

CenturyLink security services are fully supported globally by a skilled team of certified security professionals capable of delivering operational protection to your network and infrastructure resources.

Supported Firewall Manufacturers include:

  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Cisco
  • Fortinet
  • Imperva (for web application firewalls)

Service Category 3 – Broadband Connections

Enterprise Broadband Access Service (EBAS)

Service Category

Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 2 - Dedicated Internet

Enterprise Broadband Access Service 3.1

Enterprise Broadband Access Services (EBAS) was established to provide an operational broadband access service to meet the demand from medium to large, multisite customers for economical access. The service provides the design, procurement, installation, and network management of an end to end solution. Some of the main drivers for the use of cable broadband access are the replacement of old technology and for use as back up access and/or diversity. However, the two most important reasons are the desire for economical access and as a transition path to a hybrid network solution. EBAS is intended to enable additional features and capabilities to customers purchasing CenturyLink Hybrid Networking, SD-WAN, MPLS or other network services.

EBAS is the management of CenturyLink procured off-net broadband access. The service includes:

  • Procurement, installation, activation, and repair of 3rd party provided broadband
  • Proactive monitoring of the broadband circuit via static IP ping for up/down status
  • Proactive trouble ticketing and notification
  • Coordination of trouble resolution with the broadband providers

The service components include a 3rd party offnet broadband access circuit and a service management component. EBAS is not naked broadband, stand-alone broadband, or broadband aggregation.

Service Category 4 – Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Enterprise with Cisco Meraki (MECM)

Service Category

Pricing Catalog


MECM (Full Stack) 4.1

CenturyLink Managed Enterprise with Cisco Meraki is a secure, simple Wi-Fi and networking solution with enhanced reporting—simply managed for your business.

CenturyLink Managed Enterprise with Cisco Meraki is a great fit for businesses that:

  • Need a simple, secure Wi-Fi solution that can be centrally controlled and managed
  • Need a fast and standardized Wi-Fi deployment and automated setup for business locations
  • Would like to implement Wi-Fi networks with few IT resources and without breaking the IT budget
  • Need visibility and control over the Wi-Fi network
  • Need a Wi-Fi experience for customers that also promotes products and services
  • Could benefit from secure and efficient WAN network options and services

Cisco Meraki delivers:

  • A secure Wi-Fi and networking platform that you don’t have to maintain or manage
  • A managed model where you can pay monthly for what you need now and simple growth plans as your business grows. Device + Management and Management Only
  • Exceptional employee and customer wireless experience
  • The ability to promote your brand to your customers
  • Unsurpassed visibility and control over your network using a simple, comprehensive web-based management tool
  • Secure WAN networking options that help improve network efficiency and security


  • Fully installed WLAN and Wi-Fi solution
  • Unsurpassed visibility with simple web-based dashboard and analytics
  • Splash pages to push content to customers


  • Firewall
  • SD-WAN networking for more efficient WAN networking

Network Switching:

  • MS Series of network switches

Security Cameras & Video Surveillance:

  • Indoor • Outdoor

Systems Manager EMM:

  • Centrally configures, monitors and manages mobile devices

Tailored Experience Managed Network Services

Service Category

Pricing Catalog


MES Tailored Experience 4.2

CenturyLink® Tailored Experience Managed Network Services is a fully managed, customized solution that handles, daily network management, monitoring and maintenance tasks. Comprehensive voice, data and security capabilities, combined with flexible pricing and the power of the CenturyLink network, can free up your valuable resources for business-critical tasks and help keep your network running at peak performance.

Focus on growth, not infrastructure:

  • Simplified management: Work with a single provider for maintenance, monitoring and billing.
  • Dedicated service and support: Improve your IT team’s agility and productivity with 24x7x365 onsite or centralized support.
  • ITIL support model: Empower better business outcomes with service support processes built on ITIL best practices.
  • Flexible business model: Easily adapt to and support changing business needs.
  • Powerful network: Stay connected to your customers with the reliability and high availability of a Tier 1 global network.
  • Lower total cost of ownership: Minimize hardware and staffing costs.

Managed Data

  • Continuous, proactive network monitoring and realtime notification of managed devices
  • Implementation and configuration of routers and switches
  • Fault management and escalation
  • Full suite of online reporting capabilities
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN) management and support

Managed Voice

  • Complete IP telephony, including handsets, voicemail, switches/routers, IP call center and paging
  • Unified communication and collaboration – Voice-enabled video – Voicemail and instant messaging – Mobility services
  • IP private branch exchange (PBX)
  • Integration with CenturyLink Contact Center platform
  • Audio and video conferencing services
  • 24/7 proactive management – Quality of service (QoS) monitoring – Notification and escalation – Remote monitoring of IP communication site components and interfaces

Managed Security

  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation service
  • Fault management and escalation
  • Firewall policy between network and the Internet
  • IPSec VPN support
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spam
  • URL filtering
  • Network-based security
  • Network access control

Service Category 5 – PSTN Voice

PSTN Voice

Service Category

Pricing Catalog




Both Business and Residence local exchange access line services provide access to the public switched network for local and long-distance dialing. If your end-user chooses to use CenturyLink for Intra-Local Access and Transport Area (LATA) long distance the IntraLATA long distance is billed to you at the resale rate. IntraLATA long distance is determined by the Local Primary Interexchange Carrier (LPIC). End-users designate a carrier of choice on calls that begin and end within the end-user's home LATA. The end-user's intraLATA carrier can be the same or different from their interLATA (long distance) carrier.

Types of Business Services include:

  • Flat-rated Business service is unmeasured, allowing your end-user to make an unlimited number of calls within the local calling area at a flat, or fixed, monthly rate. The service utilizes the exchange access line, which includes the central office equipment and all the CenturyLink plant facilities up to and including the Standard Network Interface. The service provides basic dial tone.
    • CenturyLink Stand-By Line™ is a Basic Exchange service that allows business end-users to expand and contract their telephone service according to call volume and pay for only the service that they need. Business end-users are billed the same nonrecurring charges as for a flat business line however they pay about half the monthly cost of a regular second line plus per-minute usage charges for both incoming and outgoing calls. Ideal uses include fax modem lines or lines with credit card machines. Standby Lines cannot be used as a primary line, cannot be billed separately and are not available with measured service.
  • Measured-rated Business service provides access to the public switched network for local and long distance calling. 1MB service is billed at a flat monthly rate for a set number of local calls or messages per line with an additional charge for every local message in excess of the base allowance. Charges for local calls in excess of the allowance are billed for based upon length of call, originating and terminating point of call, and time of day each call was made.

Types of Residence Services include:

  • Flat-rated Residence service is unmeasured, allowing the end-user to make unlimited calls within the local calling area at a fixed monthly rate. The service utilizes the exchange access line, which includes the central office equipment and all the CenturyLink plant facilities up to and including the Standard Network Interface. The service provides basic dial tone for residential end-users.
  • Message/Measured Rated Residence service provides access to the public switched network for local and long-distance calling.
    • Measured Rated Service bills a flat monthly rate for a set number of local calls or messages per line with an additional charge for every local message in excess of the base allowance.
    • Message Rated Service bills a flat monthly rate with a monetary usage allowance for calls completed to stations in the local calling area. Charges for local calls that exceed allowance are based upon length of call, originating and terminating point, and time of day call was made.

Traditional Landline Features:

  • Caller ID - See who is calling before you answer the phone.
  • Call Forwarding - Automatically forward all calls to another number so you never miss a call.
  • Caller Transfer - Transfer a call to any other number, including wireless numbers.
  • Caller Waiting - Receive notification if there's a second call while you are on the line.
  • Hunting - Route incoming calls to a live employee before sending a busy signal or to voicemail.
  • Business Voicemail Service* - A feature-rich way to send, retrieve or listen to your messages.
  • Call Waiting ID - View information for a second incoming caller while you are on the phone.
  • Last Call Return - Find out who your last caller was and automatically return the call.
  • 3-Way Calling - Talk to two people at separate locations at the same time.
  • Inside Wire Maintenance* - Our trouble location and inside telephone wire repair plan.
  • Personal Ringtones - Identify specific incoming callers by assigning them a distinctive ring.

*Surcharges may apply


ISDN-Primary Rate Interface (ISDN-PRI) provides a single, high-capacity facility for switched voice, data and video needs. ISDN-PRI divides a high-capacity circuit into multiple channels. These channels include bearer (B) channels for sending information, and a data (D) channel signal channel for controlling call connections. Each B channel provides up to 64 kbps (thousands of bits per second) of bandwidth. Analog services have a maximum of 56 kbps of bandwidth. The D-Channel handles call set-up and control. This arrangement gives ISDN-PRI the high speed and versatility to handle multiple communications tasks simultaneously.

CenturyLink ISDN-PRI service is available in every state where CenturyLink provides local phone service. However, there are some exchanges where the central office equipment does not support ISDN-PRI. Where it is economical, CenturyLink can provide ISDN-PRI from a compatible exchange to a neighboring exchange at no additional cost to the customer. In other cases, distances and facility limitations make it necessary for CenturyLink to charge for transport from the PRI-capable exchange to the customer's home exchange. When a customer must take CenturyLink ISDN-PRI service from an exchange other than the local serving exchange, the phone numbers and dialing plan associated with the PRI will match those of the exchange where the ISDN-PRI service originates. If CenturyLink ISDN-PRI later becomes available in the customer's home exchange, CenturyLink will work with the affected customers to transfer their service. At that point, customers who still wish to be served by the more distant office will have to pay mileage charges between the two exchanges

Service Category 6 – Unified Communications

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS)

Service Category

Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 6 - Unified Communications

HCS 6.1

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution delivered by CenturyLink is a flexible, subscription-based service. You can add on the features that work best for your operations and scale them to meet your needs, including:

  • Voice and video as a service
  • Voicemail and integrated messaging as a service
  • IM and presence as a service
  • Mobility as a service
  • Web conferencing as a service

With Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution delivered by CenturyLink, you have a single vendor to manage this critical part of your enterprise. As a result, you can:

  • Maximize business agility by delivering collaboration services in-sync with your changing business needs. Easily scale users and applications up-or-down as your needs fluctuate.
  • Boost efficiency with a simple, predictable subscription model and only pay for what you need.
  • Simplify management and take control of your network. Streamline collaboration to help ensure performance and dependability.
  • Maintain integrity and privacy to safeguard your business, employees, partners, and customers with a secure network architecture.

Hosted VoIP

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Pricing Catalog

SERVICE CATEGORY 6 - Unified Communications

HVDS (Broadsoft) 6.3

Hosted VoIP offers advanced calling features over our privately owned fiber network using the BroadSoft BroadWorks platform. That means your calls can be routed fast, you can set multiple devices to ring at the same time or in a particular order, and you can get voicemail by phone, email, or online. The service is designed to help you be more accessible to more people in more places, and enables your business to benefit from increased collaboration and stronger communication among employees with fast customer response times. CenturyLink Hosted VoIP scales easily and includes all upgrades and improvements, at no additional cost. Our Hosted VoIP service allows you to:

  • Share one dial plan for entire company, even if geographically distributed or no primary office.
  • Combine receptionist’s IP phone with the Receptionist PC Console to easily monitor users within their business group and perform click-to- transfer and click-to-dial right from their computer.
  • Make calls remotely using your home telephone and receive the same features as in office.
  • Be reached virtually anywhere by setting phone to ring multiple devices either at once or in an order.
  • Retrieve voicemail messages through phone, email, or the user portal (unified messaging). You can also add on voice mail transcription to convert your voice message to text.
  • Adjust administrative settings, end user preferences, phone features, etc. from our online portals.
  • Record conversations between employees and customers to support business processes.
  • Use our convenient toolbar to access mobility features, such as click- to-dial functionality and call management, so your employees can connect (using a computer).

Features of our Hosted VoIP include:

  • Mobility – Enjoy the freedom to access your services from virtually any device, anywhere with Business Communicator
  • Unified Messaging – Receive voice messages to your inbox enabling instant access whether in the office or on the road.
  • Simultaneous/Sequential Ring – Route calls to multiple phones, at once or in a particular order.
  • User Toolbar – Access and manage phone features from your computer.

CenturyLink Hosted VoIP also offers a range of seat types, with cordless options available:

Basic: A cost-effective seat designed for use in a lobby, break room, cafeteria, or shop area that is not assigned to a specific user.

Standard: A more robust set of features than the Basic seat, designed for general business, support and clerical personnel that don’t require advanced features.

Premium: Designed for the majority of professional employees, includes advanced IP phone features and a premium phone.

Conference: Get the features of a Standard seat, but with a phone designed for collaboration.

Admin: Get the features of a Premium seat, but with one receptionist sidecar (for monitoring additional lines in the office).

Receptionist: high volumes of concurrent incoming calls, includes features Microsoft® Outlook and Internet Explorer integration

Virtual: Designed to fit the needs of the majority of a company’s professional employees without requiring an IP phone.

Voicemail: Use this seat to store voicemail and as a stand-alone voicemail box for after-hours calls that aren’t directed to a specific person’s voicemail.

Analog: Use this seat to connect old equipment that isn’t IP-enabled, such as cordless phones, point of sale (PoS) devices, and low volume fax machines.

Contact Center Basic: Premium seat, plus basic call queuing in the cloud (up to 25 calls) to allow a group of users with this seat type to receive high volumes of incoming calls.

Contact Center Standard: Premium seat, plus call queuing (up to 50 calls) in the cloud and allow users with this seat type to log in and out of queues and view queue statistics.

Contact Center Supervisor: Premium seat, plus administer Contact Center Standard users, log in and out of queues, view queue statistics, get real-time reporting, access historical reporting, and monitor calls.

Cisco Webex

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SERVICE CATEGORY 6 - Unified Communications

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex Calling offers a standardized set of features along with the flexibility to customize as needed. For example, by adding cloud calling, you can seamlessly move from a phone conversation, to messaging, to a meeting as your discussions evolve.

Technical Features/Capabilities

  • Comprehensive cloud calling with enterprise-grade PBX features
  • Group features, including unlimited subscriptions of auto-attendant and shared call appearances
  • Cisco Webex Teams™ with messaging, screen sharing and audio and video conferencing for up to three participants
  • The option to add Webex® Meetings, a feature that offers an enterprise-grade meeting experience, meeting room recording, meeting room locking, remote dial-in access over PSTN and up to 1,000 meeting participants
  • The option to add the entire Cisco multi-platform phones and headset portfolio and the complete range of Cisco video endpoints

Cisco Webex Meetings

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SERVICE CATEGORY 6 - Unified Communications

Cisco Webex Meetings

Communication needs to be agile. Mobile. Collaborative. All thanks to mobile devices and evolving innovations in infrastructure and applications. Cisco Webex delivered by CenturyLink makes instant communications and live meetings possible through a deeply integrated set of tools for an outstanding collaboration experience.

Cisco Webex delivered by CenturyLink is an app-centric, cloud-based service that provides a complete collaboration suite for teams to create, meet, message, call, white board, and share, regardless of whether they’re together or apart; in one continuous workstream before, during, and after meetings. This product set includes Meeting Center, Training Center, Event Center and Support Center. All of these services can even be bundled under the Cisco Webex Enterprise Edition Offer.

Voice Complete

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SERVICE CATEGORY 6 - Unified Communications

Voice Complete

CenturyLink Voice Complete® enables you to easily connect locations using either SIP or TDM. By providing you with resiliency, exceptional call quality and the freedom to select the UC&C solution of your choice, we aim to enhance your customers’ experience and help increase workforce productivity.

Routing and management

  • Pooled concurrent call paths (CCPs): Share idle capacity across the enterprise to reduce under-utilized site-specific trunks.
  • Direct PRI handoff to your PBX: Our network performs signaling conversion with support for all brands of PBX and key system equipment, so you don’t need to deploy and manage additional devices or forklift legacy equipment.
  • Self-service customer portal: Our real-time interface enables you to control end-user telephone numbers and features, with access to billing, reporting and service management. Assist your organization’s traffic, cost, and sales and marketing activity management.

Technical features and capabilities

  • Enhanced voice solution: Includes local, national and global calling services with toll free/freephone and optional mobility call-forwarding features.
  • Telephone number features: Telephone numbers have built-in virtual local presence and support optional mobility calling.
  • Multi-continent commercial model: Access global service under a single contract with flexible invoicing.
  • Business continuity and redundancy features: Built-in business resiliency leverages network, telephone numbers and gateway options, and legacy PRI fallback solutions for comprehensive disaster recovery.
  • Flexible access: Option to use the CenturyLink® MPLS/ IP VPN services for additional security, reliability and redundancy; CenturyLink® Dedicated Internet Access; or bring your own bandwidth.
  • Emergency services options included: For end-user service locations offered within CenturyLink’s expansive voice footprint with self-service portal capabilities.
  • Support multiple UC&C options: Our service is certified on multiple platforms, including Cisco® and Microsoft®.
  • Signaling: Our IP-centric network supports SIP and TDM equipment without sacrificing features and benefits.
  • Protocols: In order to maintain your call quality, we use uncompressed G.711 protocol to transport your voice traffic across our network. We also support a wide array of CODECs including G.729 for voice and T-38 for faxing.
  • Cost predictability: Voice resource sharing and optional bundled minute pricing plans help you predict and manage fixed and variable usage-based costs.

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

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SERVICE CATEGORY 6 - Unified Communications

CPE 6.7

CenturyLink and Cisco have a long-standing relationship. CenturyLink was Cisco’s first Gold Partner, a commitment to Cisco’s technology platform that is in place today around the globe. This relationship provides CenturyLink customers with a single source for Cisco solutions, regardless of geography or IT complexity, and increases the velocity of deploying strategic integrated solutions. Both companies continually innovate to bring new features and services to their customers.

In addition to our CenturyLink Managed Services solutions, CenturyLink is a Cisco Gold Partner reseller. We leverage Cisco Collaboration tools using VoIP technology enabling fundamental change in communications. Mobility solutions within this suite help keep businesses engaged virtually anywhere and anytime. Cisco Unified Communications provides integrated access on a single unified system.

Cisco Enterprise Network solutions encompass different equipment solution technologies. In support of Cisco routing, switching and wireless platforms, CenturyLink maintains Cisco’s highest Certifications and Specializations. We are the first partner ever to achieve Cisco’s Gold level. We hold various levels of specializations such as Masters of Security, Advanced Borderless Network Architecture, Advanced Content Security, Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization and of course our Cloud and Managed Services – Master Provider Certification.

In addition to the CenturyLink Technical Assistance Center, we leverage the Cisco Smart Net Care program. It helps reduce downtime with fast, expert technical support and flexible hardware coverage provided by the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC). It also offers integrated smart capabilities, providing current information about your installed base, contracts, and security alerts to enhance the efficiency of your support workflows.

The TAC is staffed by Cisco experts and is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Technical services available through the TAC are backed by advance hardware replacement options and fast response time, including 2-hour, 4-hour, and next-business-day options (where available). Online self-help tools include our extensive knowledge library, software downloads, and support tools designed to help you resolve network issues quickly without opening a case.