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Digital transformation was just a warm-up

Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution - 79%

of global senior IT leaders say the next 5 years will see a century's worth of tech advancements1

Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution - 91%

of ITDMs believe the ability to quickly acquire, analyse and act on data determines future leaders1

Global trend report: The new normal for IT and business

See how nearly 1,200 IT leaders across 10 countries are responding to the 4th Industrial Revolution. Read the white paper and find out:

  • Why today’s IT infrastructure is not ready for next-gen apps and data
  • How emerging tech, like cloud, fibre and edge compute, will drive innovation
  • Which new skills, jobs and capabilities will redefine how we live and work
  • How your business can navigate upcoming opportunities and challenges


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Global Trend Report

Emerging apps are creating new business opportunities

See how advances in computing power, AI, machine learning and IoT combined with new app-driven architectures are powering amazing experiences in government, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, smart cities, education and logistics.

The platform built to power the 4IR

Lumen is the fastest, most secure platform for next-gen apps from the cloud to the edge, enabling companies to capitalise on the confluence of emerging technologies fuelling the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The Lumen Platform is designed specifically for the latency-sensitive, data-intensive needs of next-gen applications and emerging technologies that will revolutionise all industries."

Shaun Andrews, Chief Marketing Officer

Video (2:47)



Computing at the cutting edge
MIT Technology Review

Computing at the cutting edge

Explore how placing computation and analysis close to where data is generated enhances speed and performance for next-gen applications.

What the 4th Industrial Revolution means for your business
The Atlantic

What the 4th Industrial Revolution means for your business

Find out what your organisation needs to do to thrive in the new data-centric reality.

Preparing for the networked revolution

Preparing for the networked revolution

Explore strategies to help ensure your IT infrastructure is ready to support the technologies powering the 4th Industrial Revolution.

1Quadrant Strategies, Global Poll: Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution, July 2020.

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