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Re-imagine your retail strategy to deliver enhanced customer experiences both online and in the shop.



Maximise operational efficiency

Edge computing can power artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to help increase the efficiency of your shop operations.

Online Shopping

Optimise business performance

Position sensors around the shop, track purchases and online interest through mobile and IoT devices, or even virtualise inventory management.


Enhance customer experiences

From virtual dressing rooms to contactless point-of-sale and everything in between, retail at the edge is changing the ways consumers shop.

Lumen® Edge Computing Solutions for Retail

Designed for near-zero latency for next-gen apps

Explore how our edge solutions can help accelerate data processing in the cloud via a grid of nodes designed for 5ms or better latency—enhancing customer experiences and driving targeted digital interactions in retail environments.

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Harness the power of digital retail

Win customer loyalty and help grow revenue with our comprehensive networking, cloud, connectivity and security solutions.

Adaptive Networking

Grow your business on a high-speed network foundation to empower employees and satisfy customers.

Illustration of a laptop, tablet and globe connected by orange lines up to two cloud icons

IT Agility and Hybrid IT Cloud

Get secure, scalable cloud environments that help you generate new revenue and redefine engagement.

Illustration of a cloud with dark and light blue lines coming out of the bottom

Connected Security

Protect your devices, content and customer data from security threats and safeguard your reputation.

Illustration of an orange shield with a white globe icon on the front

Voice and UC&C

Connect, collaborate and grow your business with a full suite of holistic voice and UC&C solutions.

Illustration of a laptop screen with a globe icon on it and three lines connecting a phone, headset and building icon

Managed Services

Leverage our experienced technical specialists and advisors to maximise your IT capabilities.

Illustration of a person and gear in front of computer monitor with clouds above it

Big Data as a Service

Turn your data into insights with frictionless storage, processing and analytics in the cloud.

Illustration of two servers stacked diagonally with a line connecting them

Transform your voice and networking operations

Lumen® Managed Enterprise with Cisco Meraki

Lumen® Managed Enterprise with Cisco Meraki

Simplify your retail Wi-Fi experience and enjoy unrivalled visibility with a secure, fully managed solution for visitors, customers and employees.


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