All-in-one infrastructure for the anywhere edge

Explore edge-first architecture and use cases

Discover how edge is driving efficiency and productivity in major industries while maximising customer experiences.

Edge in manufacturing

Learn how edge computing is helping manufacturers achieve a 30-50% reduction in equipment down times1.

Edge in retail

See how edge computing is helping retailers achieve a 10% increase in sales conversion2.

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3 key components of an edge ecosystem

See how edge compute is bringing millions of cloud environments and data compute closer to billions of devices.

Edge where every technology is stacked in your favour


Public Cloud


Edge Startups

Explore our edge products

See how fully integrated infrastructure and services can enhance your network’s resilience and maximise availability without sacrificing control.


Lumen IT Services
Seamlessly design, deploy and scale edge solutions with an experienced partner. Our 24/7 technical, strategic and security coverage helps manage workloads and reduce your IT burden.

Professional Security Services
Minimise threat management overload and shrink attack surfaces while maximising defence alertness.


Lumen® DDoS Mitigation Services
Deploy powerful protection against multi-vector and mixed-application-layer attacks with On-Demand or Always-On Lumen® DDoS Hyper®.

Lumen® Web Application Firewall
Get the flexibility your DevSecOps teams require for rapid, agile deployment and defence against application-layer attacks.

Lumen® Managed Premises Firewall Service
Secure and defend your infrastructure by protecting the network perimeter from external threats.

Lumen® Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
Establish a dynamic, digital identity-based perimeter to stop malicious traffic before it can attack.


Lumen® Content Delivery Network
Deliver exceptional streaming services, high-speed video delivery and real-time digital content at the edge.

Lumen® Application Delivery Solutions
Flexibly build, deliver and manage edge apps and workloads using real-time insights and traffic-trend analytics designed for DevOps.


Lumen® Edge Gateway
Take advantage of an on-premises edge computing solution for WAN, security and IT workloads.

Lumen® Edge Private Cloud
Harness fully managed pre-built infrastructure for high-performance computing on our global fibre network.

Lumen® Edge Bare Metal
Optimise app performance with dedicated bare metal servers on edge nodes designed to deliver <5ms of latency.

Lumen® Network Storage
Extend your cloud to the edge by creating fast and reliable software-defined storage wherever data is produced and consumed in the network

Lumen® Edge VM
Provision virtual machines and functions with next-gen agility at the edge.


Lumen® Fibre+ Internet
Get internet speeds up to 1 Gbps with enterprise network reliability and built-in DNS protection for all devices.

Lumen® Dynamic Connections
Seamlessly connect to the cloud using secure, real-time network provisioning and direct connections to 2,200+ public and private data centres worldwide.

Lumen® SD-WAN
Secure and coordinate workloads on a single, automated platform with centralised visibility and control.

Lumen® IP VPN
Keep your data moving across a private, high-performance global network with centralised visibility, intuitive self-service control and automated features.

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Dedicated bare metal. Deployed in minutes.

Lumen® Edge Bare Metal offers flexible, on-demand access to a distributed network of high-capacity bare metal servers with rapid spin up, pay-as-you-go pricing flexibility and full orchestration control.

Video screenshot of the Edge Bare Metal Control Centre dashboard on a laptop computer
Video screenshot of the Edge Bare Metal Control Centre dashboard on a laptop computer PlayButton

See how to deploy, scale and secure high-performance compute with Edge Bare Metal (1:30)

Resource Centre

What is edge computing, how does it work and why does it matter? Explore these resources to learn how edge relates to cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), data analysis and more.

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1WEF report, Global Lighthouse Network: Insights from the Forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, December 2019

2IDC report, Retail at the Edge — Building a Platform for Real-Time, AI-Supported Customer Experiences, August 2021

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