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The CenturyLink® Difference

Networx Features and Benefits

This illustration represents overview of our commitment to the GSA networx program.



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Integrated Processes and Converged Services

The CenturyLink team offers your agency a comprehensive Networx solution, complete with integrated processes and converged services designed to fully address the GSA's Networx goals:

Service Continuity

Our IP/MPLS architecture delivers a seamless transition from one contract to another. We leverage services that operate with existing networks while providing agencies the means to move effortlessly to more efficient technologies as they emerge.

Highly Competitive Prices

CenturyLink's modern infrastructure powers a Networx solution that directs cost savings to your agency even as networks revitalize.

Superior Quality Service

Well-recognized as an industry leader, CenturyLink has a long history of award-winning service delivery.

Full Service Providers

As the first company to integrate the operational capability of an ILEC and an inter-exchange carrier, CenturyLink is uniquely positioned to provide your agency with a single source for local and national communications services.

Alternative Sources

CenturyLink has assembled a team of world-class commercial and federal market leaders as well as smaller, focused-solution providers to offer your agency the widest possible range of potential technology options.

Operations Support

Transition Assistance and Support

CenturyLink is a transition leader in the market and has already assisted numerous Federal Agencies with major network transitions. Our Networx Engineering and Transition Teams are poised to handle all your transition needs.

Performance-based Contracts

CenturyLink offers specific guarantees and service level agreements that address all aspects of our lifecycle service delivery model. This includes guaranteed service delivery date, smooth implementation, reliable service, technology advancement and world-class support.


We strive to deliver successful service implementation throughout the Networx program. Our approach applies proven methodologies supported by talented people, time-tested processes, and the most up-to-date tools available today.