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Dedicated bandwidth that will not keep you waiting.


Today’s enterprise requires cloud‑ready networking ecosystems capable of rapidly responding to changing business needs as bandwidth demands continue to grow.  Faster, more reliable connections can positively impact your customers’ experience and set you apart from competitors.

At Lumen, we know you not only need an internet connection that exceeds expectations, but also a provider that offers comprehensive solutions for your business requirements. Lumen® Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) combines vital business internet features with maximum global reach and scalability.

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Features and Specifications

Essential capabilities

  • A comprehensive suite of high‑quality, high‑speed internet options such as Wavelengths or Ethernet connections from 10/100 Mbps ports to 100 Gbps ports
  • Flexible invoicing/rate options: flat rate, commit plus burst and aggregate commit
  • Lumen standard network security includes temporary IP filtering through null routes and limited ACL filtering upon request
  • Google Verified Peering Service included
  • Microsoft Azure Peering Service included 

Control and support

  • Support for IP addressing, IPv4 and IPv4/IPv6 dual‑stack
  • BGP or static routing
  • 24/7 dedicated operational support from experienced IP and security professionals
  • Site‑specific and circuit‑specific performance visibility including latency, jitter, packet delivery and bandwidth use
  • Users control settings for personalised watch/warning thresholds with email alerts
  • Lumen’s API Developer Centre provides Business Integration APIs for Service Availability, Quoting, Ordering, Status, Diagnostics, Invoicing, Ticketing and Maintenance, enabling customisation and seamless integration with Dedicated Internet Access.

Common Use Cases

  • Enabling high-performance symmetrical upload and download speeds to public cloud apps
  • Deploying dedicated bandwidth that supports real-time apps like video and voice
  • Connecting you to all your internet destinations with secure, consistent and fast upload and download speeds

Why Lumen?

Lumen connects the world. We are dedicated to furthering human progress through technology by connecting people, data, and apps - quickly, securely, and effortlessly. Everything we do at Lumen takes advantage of our network strength. From metro connectivity to long-haul data transport to our edge cloud, security and managed service capabilities, we meet our customers’ needs today and as they build for tomorrow.

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