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Take the fast path toward smart manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 with Lumen

Learn our six key steps to achieve operational efficiencies and smart manufacturing, informed by our work with the leaders in the fourth industrial revolution.

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15/16 world’s leaders in autonomous vehicles1

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23/24 largest US-based manufacturers2

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69/100 world’s largest manufacturers2

1 in 2018

2 by 2017 revenue

Lumen® Edge Computing for manufacturing and logistics

Securely connect your data from the cloud and give your data-intensive applications the performance and speed they need to compute closer to the edge

Overhead view of an assembly line with robot arms working on products
Overhead view of an assembly line with robot arms working on products PlayButton

VIDEO: Intelligent Manufacturing (0:49)


Explore how you can deploy predictive maintenance, asset management and intelligent workload optimisation at scale with a collaborative edge solution.

Analysts on manufacturing in the digital age

IDC logo

IDC: The State of Edge Adoption

See what are the driving edge initiatives in manufacturing. You will learn:


  • Where edge is being used
  • Who funds and makes decisions on edge
  • The top selection criteria of providers in the space

Microsoft cloud services

Managed Services IT-Consulting Services

Trusted expertise

Trust our 15+ years of cloud experience and in-house Microsoft certified experts.


Easy onboarding

Get to market faster and eliminate complex processes with our Microsoft solutions and services.

Secure cloud connectivity

Secure cloud connectivity

Dynamically scale your bandwidth up to 300% on demand across the world's largest cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure.


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