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Minimise downtime and bolster application performance with multiple layers of defence across multi-vector and mixed application layer attacks.

Under a DDoS attack?

Turn up Lumen® DDoS Hyper in minutes through our digital buying experience.

We own DDoS Mitigation – at scale


Protection on any connection

Protection on any connection

Lumen can re-route and scrub all internet connections, regardless of carrier, supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic with options for IP VPN Direct, Lumen Internet Direct and GRE clean traffic return path connections.

Around-the-clock monitoring and support

Around-the-clock monitoring and support

Lumen DDoS Mitigation monitors your edge routers directly, providing early detection and notification of attack backed by 24/7 global support via eight global security operations centres (SOCs) across North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Hybrid deployment and customer-driven

Hybrid deployment and customer-driven

Easily integrate DDoS mitigation premises equipment via cloud signalling for local decryption capabilities and define when, where, how and what is mitigated to provide fully automated implementations that can help eliminate the resource vortex.

Features and Specifications

  • Around-the-clock support from 8 global security operation centres (SOCs) across North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Europe
  • 15 global scrubbing centres, leveraging 85+ Tbps of FlowSpec based defence capacity
  • 9,000+ unique AS Interconnects1 and 120+ Tbps of network capacity
  • Advanced behavioural analytics technology with DDoS proxy service
  • Up to 10-minute time-to-mitigate SLAs for most known forms of attack after traffic is on-ramped through Lumen scrubbing centres
  • Black Lotus Labs threat intelligence for botnet identification and takedowns
  • Full range of proactive and reactive mitigation options:
    • Always-On with customer-initiated mitigation controls
    • On-Demand with proactive or auto-mitigation controls

1Telegeography, Global Internet Geography Executive Summary, 2018.

How would an attack impact your business?

The impact of a security breach can be staggering. Use our calculator to see what a DDoS attack could cost your organisation.


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