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Detect and Remediate insider cybersecurity breaches

Insider threats cost over US $7M on an average in APAC1.

Turn powerful intelligence into immediate action

Monitor user behaviour and network activities to detect and mitigate insider threats quickly.

Monitor and detect threats


Detect and deter insider cybersecurity breaches

Detect and deter insider cybersecurity breaches

Identify abnormal network behaviours such as lateral movements, reconnaissance or suspicious data exfiltration in outbound traffic.

User monitoring and intelligent analytics

User monitoring and intelligent analytics

Monitor for signs of credential theft, privileged account breaches, hijacked accounts and login anomalies, malicious activities at the operating system, application and database levels.

Minimise dwell time

Minimise dwell time

Automated threat-hunting algorithm reviews user and network activities to quickly identify anomalies before they become breaches.

Managed Security

Features and Specifications

Automated threat-hunting algorithm reviews both user and network activities to identify potential indicator of compromise (IOC) risks based on customer use cases, security outcomes, risks and priorities.

Lightweight sensor/agent runs on servers hosting critical assets, data and applications.

Monitor privileged operations that are security relevant for anomalies and unusual operations such as abuse of data access, unauthorised transactions and excess privileges.

Gathers insights into individual user personas to establish a pattern of normal behaviour in which to identify anomalies and provide fast detection. 

24/7 monitoring via integration into the Lumen Security Operations Centre (SOC). 

Supports multiple operating systems.

We see more, so we can stop more.

By constantly monitoring and assessment of your environment, we detect insider-initiated breaches, minimising dwell time and protecting your cyber assets.


[1] Fortinet Cybersecurity Insiders, Insider Threat Report, September 2019.

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