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Build, optimise and support your IT infrastructure with a team of certified experts.

Boost operations with expertise and automation

Lumen® Advanced Managed Services (AMS) provide the flexibility and control to customise your IT and cloud workloads. Using automation tools and industry best practices, senior-level experts deliver service that helps meet your business’s size, budget and goals over time.

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Managed Services IT-Consulting Services

Experts at the ready

Our senior-level experts help you overcome staffing challenges, drive strategic initiatives, maintain operations, meet project deadlines and provide continuous and secure management by flexibly addressing hybrid IT and edge skill gaps.


Operational efficiency

Comprehensive governance across IT environments helps provide full visibility into application life cycle management and align IT, cloud and edge activities to your goals for efficient, value-driven technology operations.


Market agility

We will help you design and implement standardised, consistent and repeatable deployments that advance the technology to meet business goals and desired application experiences for end users.





A single subscription and monthly commitment of hours for a Flex Role provide access for up to 14 highly skilled technical and business roles in regions where available


Deployment types include Unnamed Remote, Named Remote and Named Onsite where available


Hourly rates for Named Onsite resources based on market level (Tier 1 small metro up to Tier 4 large metros)

Cost Control-Dollar



Flexible role prepay for 250 to 2,000 hours to use over a 12-month term where available


Targeted role discounts based on role availability and preferences*


Monthly hour commitments starting as low as four hours and up to 20 hours depending on role requirements


Additional discounts for larger monthly commitments


Hours exceeding the monthly commitment for roles are billed as overage hours at the same rate


12, 24 and 36-month service term options available, with discounts for 24 and 36-month terms


Add Ons


Network and application penetration testing


Antivirus advising


Content integrity analysis


Data loss prevention analysis


Firewall analysis


Intrusion prevention service advisory

* Only if Flex Role not available

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Features and Specifications

  • Advises client on risks associated with ageing infrastructure
  • Leads detailed working sessions with client and account team to define new IT initiatives
  • Assists in the administration, tracking and reporting of software available per underlying services ordered such as Lumen® Edge Private Cloud and Lumen Public Cloud
  • Provides tailored dashboard reporting

  • Provides reports on SLA adherence
  • Documents escalation path and serves as an escalation point 24/7
  • Leads change management documentation and scheduling
  • Oversees code patches and software version updates
  • Oversees break/fix replacements
  • Reports on resource use for the client

  • Assesses application and infrastructure designs
  • Maps client’s business and architectural needs to identify gaps if present
  • Designs infrastructure and network topology

  • Provides security consulting, advisory, and operational services across a variety of 3rd party security services
  • Completes vulnerability assessments
  • Advises on security design with oversight
  • Supports with audit services

  • Provides hands-on support for technical area selected
  • Executes non-standard change requests (e.g., policy changes, app configuration, etc.)
  • Tests pre- and post-deployment patches in target client IT environments

  • Access a variety of roles without modifying service terms
  • Use monthly subscription hours for architecture, engineering, or security roles
  • Make requests for supported roles with fast and efficient processes in partnership with your chosen oversight role

  • Azure and AWS training workshops
  • Configuration and deployment of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM): creating application, script, and template boxes
  • Auto-discovery of existing instances, registration, and multi-cloud deployment guidance
  • Versioning and auto-updating box how-to's
  • Review and guidance of deployment policy configuration with ALM
  • Deep dive on cloud optimisation and analytics including billing, cost recommendations, best practices for security, availability, cost, and usage
  • Deep dive on ALM including boxes, instances, lifecycle editor, updates, configuration management, and auto-discovery

  • Network Penetration Tests—4 per Year
  • Network Penetration Tests—1 Time
  • Application Penetration Test—1 Time
  • Disaster Recovery Services
    • Trialling
    • Failover
    • Failback
  • Log Management Advisory
  • Intrusion Detect and Prevention Service Advisory
  • Managed Optimisation Services
    • Use Cloud Application Manager Cloud Optimisation and Analytics module for cost optimisation of Qualified Optimisable Services on AWS so you are not locked into EC2 sizes or patterns and avoid largescale commitments

Use Cases

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Driving revenue and reducing skill gaps

Focus on ROI-driven, competitive initiatives while Lumen service teams work to manage and secure your IT environment. Enhance collaboration, outcomes and upgrades without increasing costs and resources needed for hiring additional staff.

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Maximising scalability and operational expertise

Quickly deploy business apps, upgrades and solutions as your business grows with highly skilled, on-demand support. Benefit from a proven managed services framework established by Lumen IT experts.


Contact an Advanced Managed Services Solutions Specialist

Get free expert advice on how to architect your Advanced Managed Services solution based on your workloads.

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