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Rapidly build, deploy and customise your private cloud with our secure, flexible and best-in-class cloud offering.

Compete on the value of your cloud

Get AWS public cloud agility and dedicated private cloud security and control with our integrated solution for enterprise workloads. Give your IT team the flexibility and freedom to develop, test and run apps wherever it makes sense — without sacrificing consistency in performance or cost.

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Managed Services IT-Consulting Services

Seamless migration and management

Our team quickly and reliably migrates your VMware environments to AWS using Lumen℠ Dynamic Connections. We manage your workloads, apps, cloud and data centre all the way to the edge and handle multiple vendors and bills.


Greater agility

Switch to OpEx cost models by moving data centres to the cloud and simplifying IT operations. Reduce time-to-market and risk through automation and enhanced security.


Enhanced security and disaster recovery

Respond to threats instantly with distinct data centre segmentation and defined security policies and controls for each workload. Replicate entire apps to remote data centres or hybrid cloud environments without disruption.

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Features and Specifications

  • Integrated solution on a single pane of glass
  • Run your VMware applications within AWS data centres with access to AWS services and without undergoing costly and risky app rewrites
  • Use VSphere, or VCenter, Site Recovery Manager, vRealize Suite and NSX across both your VMware Private Cloud workloads and workloads on AWS
  • Control provisioning, lifecycle policies and set VMware site disaster recovery to protect workloads on premises, in the cloud or offsite
  • Migrate VMware environments to AWS using Lumen℠ Dynamic Connections
  • Divide the data centre into distinct segments and define security policies and controls for each workload
  • Replicate entire application environments to remote data centres, move them from one corporate data centre to another or deploy them into a hybrid cloud environment


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