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Deliver exceptional user experiences and gain efficiencies as you compete at the edge.

Discover next-gen technology for the adaptable enterprise

For media and entertainment companies, changes in consumer demand and industry dynamics mean that adaptability is the endgame.

Use Cases

Hands holding phone as game plays.

Increasing agility and scalability

Learn how the need for agility, visibility and security is driving connected strategies for media and entertainment in this IDC spotlight paper.

Person at computer in office setting

Simplifying video processing and workflow management

Lumen® Media Transformation is a fully-integrated solution that lets you deliver video experiences that are immersive and unique, regardless of the device.

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Delivering seamless global live streams and videos

Whether it is live sports, news or entertainment, Lumen® Vyvx® Broadcast Solutions empower you to send video and audio via IP, fibre or satellite from virtually anywhere.

Lumen Edge Computing Solutions for Media and Entertainment

Deliver fast, personalised experiences globally.

Learn how you can leverage edge computing technology to build custom apps, streamline workflows and address complex business issues.

The back of four people sitting on a sofa watching a football game with binary overlay of 1s and 0s
The back of four people sitting on a sofa watching a football game with binary overlay of 1s and 0s PlayButton

See how edge delivers better experiences from the edge (0:51)



Expansive global footprint

The world’s best-connected content delivery network is right here, with 170 Tbps of delivery capacity strategically architected into our IP backbone and points of presence in over 95 metropolitan areas in over 40 countries.

Video Streaming

Software-defined video and large file delivery

Distributed peer assist delivery and multi-CDN orchestration expand our physical footprint with device telemetry, customising content delivery to each end-user device.

Cloud Solutions

Edge cloud solutions and application ecosystem

Leverage a rich ecosystem of edge computing solutions, including best-of-breed security services, image optimisation, API caching and video transformation.

Edge Orchestrator

Programmable edge

Build directly onto our infrastructure and deploy your choice of open-source modules, proprietary software or custom code.

Gaijin sought rapid scale for unpredictable traffic

 We can be sure that any urgent request will quickly be responded to and worked out.”

—Gleb Yalchik
Chief Technology Officer, Gaijin Entertainment

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The awesome experiences you depend on

Video camera with image in viewfinder

Lumen Edge Computing Solutions: Media and Entertainment

Experience innovation at the edge.

Person listening to music with headphones and looking at phone

Edge Cloud Powers the New Normal for Media and Entertainment

Learn how edge computing can overcome challenges and drive increased revenue and improved user satisfaction.

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Game Time is Real Time with Edge

See how innovations in cloud technology and edge computing are driving advances in the gaming industry.

Find out what is at the edge

Leverage our decades of experience and vast knowledge of the media industry to deploy strategic edge solutions, when and where you need them.


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