Building a cloud environment for improved reliability and security.

Doctors’ orders — move to the cloud

AxSys Technology (trades as Excelicare) needed a more reliable IT provider for their clinical care offerings. Lumen helped migrate the Excelicare health management systems to a secure, robust cloud environment - providing the reliability, responsiveness and compliancy they needed backed by round-the-clock technical support.

Technician with tablet in clinical setting

The cloud takes reliability, performance and compliance to new heights

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Laptop connected to globe, cloud and wireless device
Two sets of servers connected
AxSys Technology’s cloud-based healthcare platform Excelicare logo

The systems we had in place were quite complex, and moving them was going to be a lot of work. So we started looking for a new provider that had the expertise to help us achieve the move as smoothly as possible, while meeting the security and compliance needs of our NHS clients.”


- James McQuade

Associate Director, Cloud Operations at Excelicare

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About AxSys Technology

AxSys Technology is a world-leading software product development company aimed at providing Clinical Care Pathways solutions. Their cloud-based healthcare platform, Excelicare is committed to shifting the paradigm in healthcare from provider-centric to patient-centric.

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