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Easily and electronically take care of your monthly telephone bill. 

Track telecom costsand streamline payments 

Unlock a deeper understanding behind the billing data in your telecommunications expenses with Lumen Billmate. Now you can intelligently track your telecom costs and usage, automate billing and export transaction data for a more detailed business analysis.

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Cost Control-Dollar

Eliminate costly data entry

Save time and money as you move away from paper-based bills to accommodate other tracking processes with the added ability to stack multiple accounts within the same billing period.


Export and analyse data

Import billing data into spreadsheets, relational databases or applications programmes to study usage or forecast and budget for growth.


Review billing data activity

Take advantage of automation features that help you verify order activity, re-bill other departments and track separate services on a monthly basis. 

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Features and Specifications

  • Local services billing and or CSR data in a comma-delimited ASCII format
  • Data separated into various files: payment, toll, monthly service, etc.

  • SFTP and AS2
  • WebDAV and FTP SSL/TLS
  • Connect:Direct (NDM)

  • Computer-to-computer exchange in a standard electronic format of business documents 
  • Uses ASC X12 811 transaction set to present billing data in a consolidated service invoice/statement

  • Include charges to third-parties for telecom and/or non-telecom services, such as dial-up internet access
  • Prevent non-telecom charges from appearing on bills, available on request at no charge


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