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Align your IT goals with your business growth.

Discover next-gen technology for the adaptable enterprise

FSI transformation is happening in the name of long-term adaptability, which requires that networks and connectivity be prioritised as digital infrastructure is modernised.

Financial services leaders rely on our network and IT services

The 4th Industrial Revolution will help create enhanced opportunities for delivering services, capturing new markets and improving the customer experience.

Close up of a mostly blue shaded circle icon with the number 16/20 in the centre

16/20 of the world’s largest banks1

Close up of a mostly orange shaded circle icon with the number 13/15 in the centre

13/15 of the world’s largest money managers1

Close up of a mostly red shaded circle icon with the number 15/20 in the centre

15/20 of the world’s largest financial services companies2

1. by 2020 assets under management

2. by 2020 total market capitalisation

Lumen® Edge Computing for Financial Services

Near-zero latency for next-gen applications

Explore how our edge solutions can help accelerate data processing in the cloud via a grid of nodes designed for 5ms or better latency, help improve customer experiences and drive targeted digital interactions in financial service environments.

Business person looking at a graph within a reporting platform on their computer monitor

How financial services succeed with Lumen

Banking and credit unions

Banking and credit unions

Make the most of your banking networking and IT investments.

Capital markets

Capital markets

Respond faster with purpose-built networking and IT services for today’s markets.



Transform your firm with next-gen networking and IT solutions.

A clear path to the 4th Industrial Revolution

Adaptive Networking

Maximise flexibility with global network reach, SD-WAN control and cloud connectivity.

Illustration of clouds with lines connecting to a tablet, laptop and globe icon

Hybrid IT Cloud

Deliver applications faster as you move seamlessly across hosted and cloud environments.

Illustration of two servers stacked diagonally with a line connecting them

Connected Security

Protect your customers using real-time threat intelligence and automated response.

Illustration of a lock icon in front of a cloud

Communication and Collaboration

Empower your global workforce with voice, video, conferencing, call centre and chat.

Illustration of a laptop screen with a globe icon on it and three lines connecting a phone, headset and building icon

Managed and IT Consulting Services

Maximise your IT innovation and grow your business with the help of our IT experts.

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