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Seamlessly deliver, secure and optimises applications with a global programmable edge and containerised solution ecosystem.

Try Lumen Application Delivery Solutions free for 30 days.*

Get access to our programmable edge and see why companies are delivering their applications with Lumen.

Restrictions may apply. See details.

Edge delivery for agile businesses

Running on the world’s most-connected CDN, our application delivery solutions offer you a new level of control to deploy workloads where your customers need them. Use our container-based edge framework to build onto the Lumen global infrastructure or choose from an ecosystem of pre-integrated modules for more distributed compute flexibility than ever before.

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State-of-the-art application performance

Run applications closer to users via our edge framework built for high performance and low latency. Our orchestration engine moves workloads across the distributed edge network to help keep compute milliseconds from users.


Full control and flexibility for DevOps teams

Built with developers in mind, Lumen programmable edge, serverless functions and DevOps tooling offer the flexibility to choose pre-integrated modules or bring your own code, while leaving the infrastructure management to us.


Easy-to-manage multi-layer security

Enjoy award-winning and holistic threat protection across layers 3, 4 and 7, integrated into the Lumen global edge. Our intelligent WAF, BRM, API protection and DDoS mitigation maximise the predictability of your cyber defences and minimise manual intervention.

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Features and Specifications

  • Advanced caching and optimisation to control how content is delivered: Node.js hosting, Varnish Cache static and dynamic content caching, API caching, HTML streaming
  • Mobile, front-end (JS/CSS), image optimisation
  • JavaScript and HTTP/2 protocol optimisation
  • Anycast DNS hosting
  • Virtual waiting room
  • OpenResty request routing and domain rewrite
  • Sitespect server-side A/B and multivariate trialling
  • SSL/TLS certificate management
  • HarperDB persistent data at the edge

  • Containerised workloads built on Docker and Kubernetes clusters to run custom workloads distributed across the Lumen global network
  • Patent-pending adaptive edge engine routes workloads across the edge to meet real-time traffic demand without customers having to manage orchestration or autoscaling
  • Best-of-breed partner ecosystem with pre-integrated cloud-native modules
  • Serverless and BYO code

  • Full DevOps suite to plug seamlessly into customer toolsets for rapid deployment and streamlined operations
  • GitOps for application development lifecycle
  • Full DevOps-centric API for automated edge
  • Developer POP
  • CI/CD pipeline integration
  • SaaS console and control plane
  • Real-time log management with Graphite data visualisations, Grafana graphs and ELK stack



for one month*




Test out our key hosting and caching features to get you up and running:

  • Node.js hosting
  • Varnish Cache



per month**




Out-of-the-box package to deliver and secure:

  • Node.js hosting
  • Varnish Cache
  • Modern WAF and bot management



per month***




Out-of-the-box parcel to deliver, secure and optimise:

  • Node.js hosting
  • Varnish Cache
  • Modern WAF and bot management
  • Image optimisation





Full Access


Pick and choose modules as needed or build directly onto Lumen infrastructure with your own proprietary apps or custom code.


*Usage capped at 500 million requests. See additional trial details below.

**Capped at 500 million requests per month + WAF for five applications capped at 50 million requests per month.

***Same caps as Essential + image optimisation capped at 2.5 TB per month


If the Customer exceeds either or both caps in a 2 consecutive month period, service will be provided “as-is” and the Customer will not be eligible for any Service Levels or Service Level credits that may otherwise apply until the Customer takes the required action requested by Lumen as further provided herein. After any 2 consecutive month period, Lumen will provide the Customer with notice that it has exceeded the applicable cap(s) and will request an upgrade of Service. If the Customer either refuses to upgrade or does not respond to Lumen’s request for an upgrade within 30 days of receipt of the notice, Lumen will automatically migrate the Customer to a usage-based plan with overages at standard rates. Lumen will deem the Customer’s refusal, inaction or failure to respond as their consent to migrate to the usage-based plan for the remainder of the applicable term. Lumen may provide notice to the Customer by sending a message to the email address then associated with the Customer account per Lumen’s records. Notices provided by email will be effective when the email is sent. It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep their email address current. The Customer will be deemed to have received any email sent to the email address then associated with the Customer account per Lumen’s records. Notices provided by email will be effective when the email is sent. It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep their email address current. The Customer will be deemed to have received any email sent to the email address then associated with the Customer account when the email is sent, whether or not Customer actually receives the email. Listed rates are available to qualifying business customers and exclude taxes, fees and surcharges. Services and offers may not available everywhere.  Lumen may change, cancel, or substitute offers and services, or vary them by service area at its sole discretion without notice. Credit approval and deposit may be required. Offer may not be combined with other offers.  Additional restrictions, terms and conditions apply.


Use Cases

Woman using her smartphone for contactless payment.

Creating an omnichannel shopping experience

Bridge the online and in-store experience for retailers and ecommerce sites with programmable edge.

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Financial services

Improving digital banking

Implement modern security and performance solutions at the edge for a differentiated banking experience.

Two people wearing PPE in a laboratory.

Putting patients first with modern healthcare solutions

Prepare for the latest challenges in patient care and data governance with state-of-the-art application security, virtual waiting room and more.

Rethinking digital workflows

Read how Lumen Application Delivery Solutions are helping a leading car rental company streamline operations with a unified edge toolset and deliver amazing digital experiences with Varnish Cache and ThreatX WAF.

Shopping for a rental car on a smartphone.

Get a free trial or get started with application delivery now.*

Try a free 30-day proof of concept or get a full version today and explore our developer tools and configure your workflows. Discover which of our full-featured options could be right for you.

*Offer limited to configurations, compatible systems and usage limitations including maximum data volumes set out by Lumen. Offer available for a limited time to qualifying business customers for new service. Service and offer may not be available everywhere. Lumen may change, cancel or substitute offers and services or vary them by service area at its sole discretion, without notice. Offer may not be combined with other offers. Credit approval and deposit may be required. Additional restrictions, terms and conditions may apply.

Customised through our partner ecosystem

Maximise your flexibility with our partner ecosystem, including solutions for optimisation, edge hosting, containerisation, security, database and performance. Select and spin up pre-integrated modules that best suit your current use cases, then add or remove services as needed.


Winner of Frost & Sullivan award for security

"By integrating Lumen DDoS mitigation solutions with WAF solutions, Lumen offers a complete capability designed to protect network and application layers.”

Steven Lopez, Frost & Sullivan best practices research analyst

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