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Future-proof your IT and OT strategies using intelligent network and security solutions.

Discover next-gen technology for the adaptable enterprise 

Smart manufacturing requires always-on connectivity that allows people, processes and business applications to accelerate business output and drive operational agility

Use Cases

Worker operating a large drill in a manufacturing plant.

Enabling data excellence

Harness the power of big data to transform your business through insights, creating value across your supply chain.

Two workers in yellow hard hats discussing information on a tablet.

Optimising operational agility

Make rapid and effective data-driven decisions to help improve resiliency, maximise predictability and minimise disruption.

Tool working with plastic on an assembly line.

Enhancing app performance

Leverage automation, AI, industrial IoT and more to power your operational strategy moving forward.

Lumen® Edge Computing Solutions for Manufacturing & Logistics

Designed for near-zero latency

Securely connect to the cloud and give your next-gen apps the performance and speed they need to compute closer to the edge.

VIDEO: Optimise manufacturing outcomes at the edge (0:49)

Aerial view of 12 robots working in a manufacturing plant.
Aerial view of 12 robots working in a manufacturing plant. PlayButton

Industry 4.0 technology on the Lumen Platform

A large piece of manufacturing equipment.

VIDEO: Smart manufacturing

Enabling smart manufacturers to acquire, analyse and act on data in real time (0:28)

A manufacturing plant.

VIDEO: IT and OT convergence

Bridging the divide between IT and OT can help manufacturers turn data into valuable insights (0:28)

A laptop connecting via the cloud to equipment in a manufacturing plant.

VIDEO: Predictive analytics

Using real-time analytics provides measurable value to manufacturers (0:27)


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