Lumen® DDoS Hyper® data sheet

Activate DDoS protection for critical web assets in minutes.


To defend against increasingly sophisticated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, organizations need advanced detection and mitigation capabilities they can activate on their terms. Lumen® DDoS Hyper® provides a digital quote-to-order process with automated turnup of network and application layer protection when you need it most—in minutes, not weeks.


170 Tbps of network-based mitigation capacity across 500+ global scrubbing locations.

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Scalable attack mitigation

  • ボリューム攻撃に対するネットワークベースの無制限な軽減対策
  • Global multi-tiered scrubbing architecture backed by 85+ Tbps of FlowSpec mitigation capacity
  • 6,300+ unique AS interconnects2 and 170+ Tbps of network capacity
  • Up to 100 Gbps clean traffic return3 with options for Internet Direct and GRE clean traffic return paths and flow-based monitoring instances
  • Carrier-agnostic defense: Protects Lumen or third-party connections for IPv4 traffic4
  • On-Demand or Always-On commercial models with proactive or auto-mitigation controls
  • 1 second time-to-mitigate most attacks after traffic hits scrubbing centers
  • Automated detection, mitigation and response with Rapid Threat Defense backed by Black Lotus Labs® threat intelligence

Rapid, self-serve ordering and configuration

  • サービスのプロビジョニングを数分で自動化し、見積もりと注文プロセスを簡素化
  • お客様の構内設備用にあらかじめ設定された構成
  • DDoS攻撃の規模、期間、頻度にかかわらず、予測可能な月間サービス料金

Enhanced monitoring and global support

  • Proactive monitoring and alerting using Black Lotus Labs threat intelligence and NetFlow from customer or Lumen edge routers
  • Multiple global security operations centers (SOCs) offer 24/7 support


  • Additional Application Protection with cloud-based WAF/WAAP/Bot Management capabilities for increased Layer 7 defense
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1Lumen also offers advanced DDoS mitigation features, clean traffic return via dedicated IP VPN connections or integrated with Lumen internet, and additional cloud-based WAF/WAAP/Bot Management capabilities for increased application layer protection.

2Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA), AS Rank, 2022年12月.

3Clean traffic returns subject to availability. Not all options are available in all areas.

4Consult the DDoS Hyper FAQ on Marketplace for technical requirements.


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