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Leverage high capacity, low latency connectivity to fuel your digital infrastructure and drive incredible business value.

Enabling your digital evolution with powerful, low latency connectivity.

Carrier diversity does not equate to network diversity. We don’t just provide connectivity, we help you design, build, and run low latency, high-capacity network solutions. This enables your digital platform to achieve your business outcomes and the means to evolve the network with a level of agility required to continue down the digital innovation path.


Take control of your network with Lumen® Wavelengths  (1:13)


Network Globe

Global Network Density - Convenience

One of the largest active Ultra Low Loss (ULL) fiber networks in North America with Dual Gateway+ architecture combined with metro fiber density.

Costs Lower-Dollar

Customer experience and support

We actively invest in our customer’s digital journey. Topology Viewer, Laser, Proactive Notification apps combined with the technical expertise of Solution Engineers, enable a positive customer-defined experience. Account and Customer Success teams assist with your on-going needs.


Network security and simplicity 

The threat landscape has increased for data-intensive organizations. Wavelengths provide enterprises with point-to-point, private, dedicated, and secure connectivity. Lumen Wavelengths offer layer 1 encryption enabling full customer control of their traffic to further minimize risk.

Illustration of a laptop, tablet & globe connected by orange lines up to two cloud icons

Features and Specs

  • Multiple scalable, high-speed wavelength options
    • Ethernet speeds: 1, 10, 100, and 400 Gbps
    • OTU speeds: OTU 2, 2e, 4
  • Cloud Connect (up to 100 Gbps) to Public Cloud On Ramps - Available to AWS, AWS GovCloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Resiliency Services and Oracle
  • Enhanced customer experience
    • Topology Viewer
    • Proactive Notification of network alerts
    • Encryption key management
  • Diverse routing options
  • Available custom routing and transparent network design, including private data networks
  • Protected and unprotected solutions
  • Encryption (layer one)
  • Latency Guarantee SLAs
  • Extended On-Net (ILA) design options

  • Operates one the most expansive and diverse fiber wavelength networks in the world
  • Serves 15 of the top 20 world's largest financial services companies, 5 out of the top 6 best TV streaming services and, 4 of the top 5 global sports leagues by revenue 2021
  • Enables 9 of the top 10 software companies
  • Available in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia with the Lumen network reaching approximately 400,000 fiber route miles with access to more than 76,000 metro fiber and 42,000 subsea route miles
  • Terrestrial: 3 diverse East-West U.S. nationwide coast-to-coast routes
  • Subsea: 4 diverse Trans-Atlantic routes, and diverse East and West routes around South America
  • 3.5 million miles of high capacity/ultra-low loss fiber in North America and approximately 190,000 on-net fiber locations
  • 60+ Edge Compute Nodes underway
  • Serves customers in 60+ countries

  • AES-256 encryption with dynamic Diffie-Hellman key exchange (2048 bit)
  • Separated security domain management platform accessible via Lumen portal with two form factor authentication access
  • Wide range of speeds supported
  • Ethernet speeds: 10, 40, 100 Gbps
  • SONET/SDH speeds: 10 Gbps
  • OTU speeds: OTU 2, 2e, 3, 4
  • FICON and Fiber Channel (metro only): 8, 10 and 16 Gbps SAN
  • Protected and unprotected solutions
  • Available low-latency routes and SLAs to meet demand for high performance data mirroring applications
  • Available custom routing and network transparency to enable resiliency and maximize customer routing and mapping control
  • FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria (CC EAL-2) certified (future) for compliancy

Topology Viewer – ushering in the era of the customer defined business

Use Cases

Accelerating speed to market

Global retailer with a growing e-commerce business, where speed to market is essential and security is an absolute requirement

Enhancing user experiences

Large content distributor striving to ensure user experience is not disrupted by global security posture.

Outpacing the competition

Large financial institution with consumer website and banking applications that needs to keep pace as new entrants disrupt the market.

Case Studies