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Revolutionize your retail strategy to help exceed customer expectations with seamless omnichannel experiences.

Discover next-gen technology for the adaptable enterprise

As buyer expectations shift rapidly, understanding the role of adaptability and trusted connectivity in the future of retail is critical for your business.

Explore Flexible Retail Solutions

Optimize retail operations and enhance customer experiences, starting with the Lumen Platform foundational base. With flexible retail solutions, choose Lumen for all or parts of your solution, enable omnichannel experiences, and manage services your way. See what’s possible in your retail environment with Lumen edge solutions and more.

Designed for near-zero latency to run next-gen apps

Leveraging data on the edge to transform your customer experience and inventory management takes serious processing power. See how Lumen helped one business do that and more.

VIDEO: See how to enhance customer online experiences (1:02)

Shopper viewing virtual shopping experience on tablet.
Shopper viewing virtual shopping experience on tablet. PlayButton

Additional Use Cases

<p>Enhancing customer satisfaction</p>

Enhancing customer satisfaction

Create quality in-store and online experiences with omnichannel order management, traffic insights and self-service through the Lumen Edge Platform which takes care of your network, security and the metrics that empower decision making.

<p>Facilitating real-time engagement</p>

Facilitating real-time engagement

The customer experience encompasses more devices than ever before. With hybrid cloud technology on the Lumen Network, running mobile apps, virtualizing inventory management and more becomes a truly connected experience.

<p>Prioritizing data security</p>

Prioritizing data security

Protect customer data, secure devices and minimize attack risks across your network with Lumen® Connected Security for advanced threat protection and intelligent detection.

Learn how SYNQ3 revolutionized the restaurant industry with support from the Lumen Platform

SYNQ3 company logo

"Lumen’s teams are constantly working to solve my problems. That’s the real value of this partnership.”

— Steve Bigari CEO, SYNQ3

VIDEO: SYNQ3 transforms the restaurant ecosystem (1:41)

Overhead view of a variety of food options and two place settings.
Overhead view of a variety of food options and two place settings. PlayButton

See what digital retail on the Lumen Platform can do for your business

Person working at a desktop computer.


Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences

See how Lumen edge computing helps retailers optimize data captured at the edge with real-time insights for in-store innovations.

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Top 5 2022 Digital Transformations

As the pandemic accelerates how technology is redefining the shopping experience, read how certain advances are leading this transformation.

Person working at digital point of sale station.


How Retailers Can Adapt to the Hybrid Revolution

Learn how retailers are improving outcomes through digital infrastructure investments for greater customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, while remaining agile.

Unleash the potential of data at the edge

Find out how edge computing enables today's retail applications for seamless customer experiences and improved business outcomes.