Lumen Solutions for Webex

An easy to use, secure, enterprise collaboration tool delivering meetings, messaging, and calling to support today's agile and adaptable workforce

Lumen Solutions or Webex

An easy to use, secure, enterprise collaboration tool delivering meetings, messaging, and calling to support today's agile and adaptable workforce

Lumen Solutions for Webex

An easy to use, secure, enterprise collaboration tool delivering meetings, messaging, and calling to support today's agile and adaptable workforce


Why Lumen

At Lumen, we’ve spent years developing and delivering the proven features and benefits that empower teams to do exceptional work, regardless of location, language, technology or work style. With Lumen Solutions for Webex, you’ll benefit from endless collaboration across channels, in a single workstream – with best-in-class applications wrapped in an enterprise-grade experience underpinned by a secure global network. Further enhance your experience with Lumen Enablement Services and focus your time where it needs to be while Lumen helps manage the rest.

Key features:
Confident & committed

Lumen’s dedicated team has extensive experience supporting enterprises on their journey from legacy services to unified communications. Our uncompromising commitment, end-to-end service and Lumen-backed SLAs will set you up for transformation success.

Trusted & proven

Lumen is a hands-on solutions partner bringing together the right people, industry best practices and comprehensive network and IT services. We stay by your side through deployment, and beyond, helping you realize the full value of your investments.

Cost-effective & simple

Leverage existing investments and access future applications without the need for a full tech refresh. Predictable billing and flexible pricing only grows in line with users and consumption, while single-vendor management and comprehensive services help streamline operations.

Scalable & flexible

Our self-enabled integrations make it easy to deploy innovations quickly. And with a whole suite of products behind us, we can adapt to your collaboration needs as they evolve.

Reliable & supported

With the support of our proven, secure end-to-end communication network, backed by Lumen’s experienced UC&C consultants, we make the move to remote smooth – to help keep workforce productivity moving.

More ways Lumen can help

This comprehensive set of services supports our Lumen Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions. These services help you fully leverage your Cisco by Webex purchase and improve your experience. They can help save you time and give you confidence that your UC&C solution incorporates best practices from highly skilled Lumen experts. Lumen Enablement Services can support the performance you need through the following service options: UC&C Predefined Adoption Services, Customer Premise Infrastructure Consulting, Managed UC&C Cloud Services, and Lumen SIP Connected Audio.


Webex Calling

Lumen Solutions for Webex Calling supports a variety of cloud calling needs, with shared and dedicated options based on the simple, streamlined Webex Calling architecture. Effortlessly move and provision users across platforms and scale to best address your organization’s calling needs – including global coverage availability – all through a single pane of glass, the Webex control hub.

Key features:
  • Webex Calling delivered via the Webex cloud offers preconfigured calling settings ready for integration with existing dial plans.
  • Take advantage of the Webex single global platform via multi-tenant or add multiple regions by optioning in a dedicated instance.
  • For on-premise Unified Communication Manager (UCM) customers, Webex Dedicated Instance allows for a simple migration to an enhanced cloud experience, maintaining the same enterprise-grade, feature-rich calling capabilities found with their on-premise UCM.
  • Webex Calling offers highly customizable calling, a robust API, and supports many Cisco devices – minimizing business disruption. Security comes built-in, supporting all Webex Calling employee workflows.

Webex Calling

Replace your PBX network with a globally trusted cloud calling solution that delivers an enterprise-grade experience. Lumen Solutions for Webex Calling easily extends to a complete collaboration experience across meetings, messaging and integrated devices, for all your remote needs.

Key features:
  • Manage only one vendor for network, applications and support, streamlining processes to help keep users more productive.
  • Move effortlessly between calling, messaging and meetings within our flexible environment for a consistent and continuous collaboration experience.
  • Leverage the seamless integration of an audio and video platform that’s simple, cost-effective and easy to scale.
  • Gain peace of mind with a reliable, redundant environment – backed by the support and flexibility to add users on demand.

Webex Messaging

Enable your teams to create and collaborate on messaging spaces that help keep work moving at all times. Webex Messaging brings everyone together easily, quickly and securely to see and share all the information they need to communicate productively.

Key features:
  • Send messages, share files and create or edit whiteboards securely, with one person – or a whole group.
  • Collaborate with users inside and outside your company through your desktop or mobile device without the need for additional federation or integration.
  • Keep everything in one place, with no account switching or loss of context.

Webex Meetings

Bring teams together to create, communicate and collaborate in one continuous workstream before, during and after the meeting. Available across any mobile or video device, Webex Meetings help ensure employees can work effectively and securely, wherever they are.

Key features:
  • Enhance collaboration through high-quality video meetings with screen sharing, and interactive whiteboarding with annotation from any device.
  • Work smarter with noise removal and speech enhancement, Webex Assistant for transcriptions and automatic note-taking, real-time translations from English to 100+ languages, and People Insights for greater context.
  • Deliver rich virtual training and teaching environments with advanced features such as breakout sessions, hard mute and hand raising.
  • Enable non-verbal communication and engage participant expression through virtual backgrounds, gestures and reactions.