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Protect your data, employees and customers with seamless security that deters hackers and cyber-criminals.

Keep critical online data secure

LumenSM Web Application Firewall delivers crucial web and application protection that helps prevent attacks and reduce costly data breaches and downtime by combining multiple defenses that accurately pinpoint and prevent attacks without blocking your customers.


Protect sensitive data from being compromised

Protect sensitive data from being compromised

Provides a critical additional layer of protection to your perimeter firewall infrastructure with 24x7 monitoring so you can react quickly and efficiently to threats as they emerge.

Guard against potential data leakage

Guard against potential data leakage

Identifies leaks of sensitive data—such as credit cardholder information and social security numbers—by inspecting encrypted traffic and detecting and blocking malicious web requests.

Ensure system integrity against attacks

Ensure system integrity against attacks

Analyze current web applications to determine vulnerabilities with an application security review and analysis to identify possible flaws that could harm your website security, resulting in costly downtime for your business.

Features and Specs

  • Fully managed web application firewall installation and configuration 
  • Ongoing management based on acclaimed Imperva technology
  • 24x7 monitoring 
  • Continual monitoring of incoming traffic through perimeter firewall to web servers
  • Real-time encrypted traffic inspection
  • Proactive blocking of malicious traffic 
  • Recognized as an industry leading technology