Global end-to-end video acquisition, distribution and delivery.

High-quality video, delivered

 From sporting events to full-time channel distribution, Lumen Vyvx Solutions provides a customizable portfolio of end-to-end video services for venues and events, broadcast fiber, linear channel distribution and more.




Our vast bandwidth, worldwide connectivity,transmission management and support services help you deliver high-quality video from the source to your audience.

 Reliable and robust global network

Reliable and robust global network

Video over our global fiber network with optional diversity helps raise the standards for highly available service meeting the most demanding SLA needs.



Network capacity to provide connections where durations, bandwidths and video features can be tailored to your objectives and budgets.

When it has to be high-quality, choose Vyvx.

Broadcast fiber service

HD fiber network monitored and managed 24/7 and supports all commonly used broadcast standards.

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Linear channel distribution

Service takes a single high-quality feed, replicates it and delivers it to multiple end points across our global fiber network, reliably and securely.

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Vyvx Internet access

Reliable and secure transmission of broadcast quality video over the Internet.

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VenueNet+/event services

Service combines our fiber network footprint with 24/7 dedicated access points at hundreds of venues around the world and offers encoding, phones, internet and Ethernet data service.

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Vyvx satellite and teleport

Expansive owned teleport access footprint, combined with the ability to bundle transponder and teleport services with our Global fiber optic network.

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North America, Europe, APAC and LATAM.

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