Proactively protect your network, website and cloud applications from distributed and other threat attack patterns with multi-layered threat defense.

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Identify and neutralize threats with our network-based DDoS Mitigation Service so you can lock down your data without locking down innovation.

Close up of a blue circle with the number 11 in the middle

global mitigation scrubbing centers

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customer DDoS attacks mitigated per day

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NetFlow sessions analyzed each day


 Multiple layers of carrier-agnostic protection

Multiple layers of carrier-agnostic protection

Re-route and scrub all Internet connections, not just Lumen circuits, through our 11 global scrubbing centers that leverage our 43 Tbps backbone network as an additional mitigation layer via BGP FlowSpec.

 Increased visibility and advanced threat controls

Increased visibility and advanced threat controls

Our global IP, CDN and DNS networks provide visibility into attack traffic and advancing threats. Mitigate against volumetric and application-based attacks from layers 3-7 through network routing, rate limiting and filtering.

 Global footprint and network depth

Global footprint and network depth

Our global reach spans PoPs in more than 100 major markets on six continents, and we serve approximately 360 colocation facilities and data centers worldwide.

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Features and Specs

  • Eleven regional scrubbing centers with 4.5 Tbps of attack ingestion capacity
  • Customers traffic are on-boarded at closest Lumen POPs
    • Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C
    • EMEA: Frankfurt, and London
    • LATAM: Sao Paulo
    • APAC: Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Mitigation against volumetric, application-layer and known forms of layer 3–7 attacks
  • Advanced behavioral analytics technology on Proxy service
  • Five- to 15-minute Time-to-Mitigate SLAs for most known forms of attack after traffic is on-ramped through Lumen scrubbing centers
  • Full range of proactive and reactive mitigation offered
    • “Always-On” or “On-Demand”
    • Proactive mitigation includes traffic base lining

  • Unlimited mitigation with no per-incident fees or overage charges

  • GRE tunnels over the public internet as a forward path from our global mitigation network to the customer data center.

  • Clean traffic return over existing Lumen internet service with traffic segmentation and prioritization

  • MPLS/IP VPN as a forward path from our Global Mitigation Network to the customer data center for clean traffic

  • DNS-based redirect with a reverse proxy over the public internet for returning traffic to the customer origin server(s)

  • Less intrusive, providing protection without rerouting entire subnets

  • Peacetime performance and event reporting with extensive attack visibility and historical data via the Lumen customer portal

  • Available for GRE and Proxy services

  • Available using BGP with GRE, Internet Direct and IP VPN Direct services

  • Early detection and notification of attacks by monitoring customer edge routers directly or our network edge routers if we are the internet provider
  • 24/7 Security Operations Center detects anomalies in volumetric flows, performs impact analyses and notifies your personnel of threatening conditions
    • Detects Layer 3 and 4 DDoS attacks and provides alerts
    • Analyzes Netflow, Sflow and Jflow data

  • Integration with customer-owned premises equipment provides an added layer of defense and efficiency
    • Signal out to our scrubbing centers to have attack traffic mitigated in our scrubbing centers

  • BGP Flowspec-based announcements allow for an automated ACL rules delivery to BGP Flowspec capable routers within our network
    • Deployed globally, this tool is managed by our Security Operations Center to provide rapid response to threats