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How edge computing powers app-driven business

Global ITDMs: Low-latency is a competitive advantage

A secure, distributed edge compute architecture is crucial to delivering next-level business outcomes and customer experiences, finds a recent Quadrant Strategies survey of more than 1700+ senior IT decision makers and C-suite executives worldwide.1


of global ITDMs say in 5 years their mission-critical apps will require <5ms of latency1


of global ITDMs say edge compute will help spur innovation1


of global ITDMs say only edge computing can solve latency challenges1

Where is the edge?

The edge may be on-premises, near premises, in a CDN, in end-user devices or a combination of these, but if you only think about edge as a location you won’t have everything you need. Watch the video to hear our CMO, Shaun Andrews, explain why. 

Close up of businessman Shaun Andrews standing next to white background with text of his name & job title
Close up of businessman Shaun Andrews standing next to white background with text of his name & job title PlayButton

Learn how the Lumen Platform lets you pick the right place for your needs (1:28)

Barriers to edge adoption2

are concerned about high latency
are concerned about data security
are concerned about network reliability
are concerned with cloud and colocation fees
want a single tool to manage apps across cloud, edge and on-prem
Illustration of the outline of several buildings representing different services

Benefits of edge adoption2

Benefits to your business


say edge can help them serve customers more efficiently


say edge will have a positive impact on spurring innovation

Benefits to your IT Team


say edge offers the best balance of on-prem and public cloud cost and performance


say edge could provide the capacity to process data-intensive models

Trend report: The Edge Compute Imperative

What you’ll learn:

  • Which factors are driving your peers to the edge
  • Benefits of edge compute workloads vs. on-prem and public cloud
  • Why network latency and security matter in the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Why organizations need trusted partners to help them maximize the value of their edge solutions

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Cover page from The Edge Compute Imperative

Hear from edge experts

Three of our top edge authorities explain why edge compute is critical for enterprises that want to compete and win in the app-driven future.

Andrew Dugan, CTO

Andrew Dugan, CTO

Hear how edge extends the cloud and why networking matters at the edge. (1:21)

Dave Shacochis, VP, Enterprise Strategy

Dave Shacochis, VP, Enterprise Strategy

Learn how Lumen Edge Computing Solutions can help you distribute software innovations to the place on your network where they make the greatest impact. (1:44)

Chris Smith, VP, Platform Apps

Chris Smith, VP, Platform Apps

Discover how built-in security capabilities make the Lumen cloud edge ecosystem unique. (1:41)

5ms is the crucial number for IT leaders

96% of U.S. IT decision makers say they would be more likely to move critical workloads to the edge if their edge network could cover 95% of the U.S. within 5 milliseconds.1 Lumen Edge Computing Solutions are part of an ecosystem including edge nodes designed for 5ms of latency or better.

Accelerating innovation in modern industry

See how businesses in three major industries are capitalizing on the power of edge computing to deliver a competitive advantage.

1 Quadrant Strategies, Global Poll: Edge Computing Trends, Barriers and Benefits, April 2021.
2 Quadrant Strategies, Global Target Verticals: Edge Computing Benefits and Barriers, April 2021