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Orchestrate and manage all your cloud and application resources with one simple, automation platform

Hybrid IT and application orchestration at your fingertips

Innovative Lumen Cloud Application Manager helps you easily orchestrate the delivery of infrastructure, applications, and services across multiple technologies through one platform providing you with greater agility, flexibility, and control of application workloads.

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Greater control and agility

Our centralized platform creates a simplified workload management process across a multitude of hosting environments, helping you clearly understand where you stand. The result? Faster reaction times and smarter decisions.


Improved governance

Oversee modeling, deployment, and orchestration for the entire application lifecycle. Take advantage of our Interactive visualization tools to help you scale, migrate and update running applications more effectively.


Costs Lower-Dollar

IT efficiency and cost savings

Simplify management of your hybrid IT environment for faster application delivery, lower costs, and full visibility of your progress to help inform your next moves–all with support from a dedicated technical account manager.


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Features and Specs

  • Orchestrate cloud applications easily
  • Deploy enterprise applications across any physical or cloud infrastructure
  • Standardize deployment models
  • Scale applications to meet business demands
  • Control assets anywhere

  • Enable modeling of applications, workloads and cloud services
  • Work with a Designated Technical Account Manager
  • Deploy security technologies on your cloud resources
  • Track metrics, monitor log files and set alarms
  • Deploy disaster recovery for critical virtual machines
  • Access to 24x7 Global Operations Support Center

  • Consolidated billing of cloud spend from multiple cloud providers.
  • Secure your cloud environment with more than 350 automated Best Practice checks.
  • Setup spend alerts to help manage your budget.
  • View cost-saving recommendations to help you reduce cloud spend.
  • View current, predicted, and historical monthly spend by service.