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Capture and consolidate venue and customer data to enhance their experience and deliver better insights for your users.

Develop deeper connections with your customers

Create a unified, in-depth view of your customers with LumenSM Location-Based Analytics that combines data from CRM, ERP, eCommerce stores and mobile apps so you can generate targeted customer messaging for a deeper and more intimate relationship with your brand.

Woman sitting in a field looking at her mobile device



Faster connections, more mobile device coverage

Help customers navigate venues with location-based mapping and targeted advertising via high-capacity Wi-Fi endpoints strategically located throughout the venue for secure and fast internet connections.

Mobile Device

Real-time venue analysis

Develop a comprehensive view to analyze venue activities and traffic flows for real-time and historical reporting that enhance marketing effectiveness and insights for individualized customer groups and events.

Mobile Device

Customized marketing for social engagement

Automate and send specifically targeted messages to different audience segments that you define based on the customer’s actions, location, demographics, or unique events.

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Features and Specs

  • Wireless LAN, MX Security Appliances, Ethernet Switches, SM Mobile Device Management
  • Thousands of sites scalability
  • Traffic acceleration, RF optimization and application-aware QoS for high-throughput, high-density WLAN
  • Device-aware security, firewall and content filtering
  • Layer 7 application awareness
  • Flexible authentication and access control
  • Fully HIPAA/PCI compliant (level 1 certified)
  • Managed Wi-Fi and Application Management Services for optimal uptime and resiliency 

  • Detailed real-time and historical reports for geo-fencing, zone-flows and heat mapping
  • Presence analytics track all devices present, including those not logged onto Wi-Fi
  • Marketing reports including audience behaviors and conversion rates
  • Individualized reports accessible online or exported to PDFs and CSV format
  • API function imports/exports data from/to other applications or data pools

  • Email and text promotions sent out to different audience types
  • Logic flows build automated behavioral campaigns
  • Social engagement tools encourage customer referrals and reviews
  • Simple drag and drop builds personalized sign-in, landing pages and campaign templates
  • 3rd party advertising space on landing pages helps offset costs 

  • Combines Wi-Fi access technologies and managed services 
  • Uses location and customer analytics, social engagement and marketing tools 
  • Helps businesses gain insights into real-time venue data 
  • Creates highly personalized experiences for customers within their venue