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Simplify governance and speed application delivery while minimizing costs and delivering a consistent user experience across cloud and edge environments.

Complex hybrid cloud edge environments simplified

Easily manage, monitor and optimize your multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and edge environments to help increase agility and operational efficiency with people, processes and automation tools focused on your workloads across virtually any hosted infrastructure.

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Managed Services IT-Consulting Services

Simplify governance

Gain full visibility across multiple platforms and environments with a single managed service provider, subscription, term, Technical Account Manager (TAM) and comprehensive, 24/7 global operations.


Speed application delivery

Automation workflows can reach into CI/CD pipelines with options to hand off at application deployment, IaaS/PaaS build out or further upstream code commit points with our 24/7 ops team resolving most events without escalation.

Cost Control-Dollar

Optimize usage

Using pre-defined workflows to solve common problems, automation scripts for event remediation and cloud usage analytics, the TAM can provide proactive recommendations to right-size and optimize your cloud usage costs.


Core Services


Technical Account Manager

A dedicated contact to manage all aspects of your environments with you and for you.

  • Minimum of 4 hours a month, with additional hours and project-based options available upon request.

Cloud Support Services

Offload direct cloud platform communications for your accounts and services and leverage our partnership experience.

  • Only for cloud resale through Lumen. Billed as a percentage uplift of total cloud spend.

Flexible Services



Automated alerting with expert oversight for OS, non-cloud native databases and cloud-native web services.

  • Billed monthly per instance
Managed Services IT-Consulting Services


Cloud and edge technology experts work with you to monitor, update, patch and deploy workloads across cloud and edge environments.

  • Billed monthly per instance
Costs Lower-Dollar

Cloud Optimization

Automated optimization of spend across platforms to efficiently manage your resources and keep money in your pocket.

  • Billed as percentage uplift of total cloud spend

Term commitment discounts available.

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Features and Specs

  • Cloud platforms supported: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and VMware
  • Designated Technical Account Manager for all environments
  • Business strategy development and executive reviews as requested
  • Access to 24/7 Global Operations Support Center
  • 24/7 engineer availability to perform systems administration tasks
  • Supports customer-provided (BYOL), platform-provided and Lumen-provided licensing models
  • Optional billing consolidation for cloud platform and management services when purchased through Lumen

  • Our open standards-based agent collects and tracks metrics, monitors log files and sets alarms
  • Integration with public cloud monitoring tools is available for AWS, VMware, Azure and Google Cloud
  • Anomaly detection, forecast and predictive monitoring provide deeper context for fluctuating metrics
  • Dashboard view of policies and alerts on all managed servers, VMs, applications and services
  • Graphing of performance data for managed servers, VMs, applications and services
  • Fully configurable historical performance and data retention policies

  • Management and deployment of all critical and vendor-recommended patches for cloud services
  • Lumen certifies and delivers service packs, updates and hotfixes for installation on all managed OSs and applications
  • Automated or manual remediation of issues initiated in response to monitoring alerts
  • Lumen supports Over 2500 customer change requests per month across managed hybrid IT infrastructure and application estates, with 45% fulfilled via scheduled automation providing a greater range of customer control.
  • Ongoing analysis of trends and recurring requests used to initiate automation scripts to eliminate repetitive hands-on effort, increase efficiency and greater accuracy. 

  • Due to the use of a wide range of industry-leading tools and open-source technologies to deliver managed hybrid cloud services, Lumen has incorporated automation capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with continuous evolution to mirror the new cloud execution venues for enterprise applications
  • Monitoring Automation that correlates over 1 billion alerts into roughly 60,000 relevant events per month  and continuously evolving AI/ML
  • Auto-generated tickets for assessment and response with an auto-remediation rate of over  35% which represent the breadth and scope of ML and AI at play in our monitoring tools that receive approximately 20 million events per day.

  • Enables modeling of applications, workloads and cloud infrastructure services
  • Posts application deployment verification
  • Confirms post-deployment functionality
  • Ability to connect network exchange groups, add end points, define subnets and more

  • Application connectivity and workload deployments
  • Build automation and scaling policies
  • Monitoring and patch management
  • Incident management and ongoing support for physical servers, private cloud, public cloud, virtual machines, operating systems, databases, web servers and other workloads

  • Deployment, configuration and monitoring of fully managed security technologies in your environment
  • Advice and best practice recommendations for cloud workload migrations
  • Performance optimization advice through deployment and configuration adjustments
  • Cloud cost optimization through consolidation and workload modifications guidance

  • Install and deploy supported OS, application components and native cloud services (where applicable)
  • Perform configuration management on all managed servers and virtual machines (VMs)
  • Maintain version control of deployed VMs, servers, managed applications and services

Case Studies

Delivering applications fast to save money
Global beverage company

Delivering applications fast to save money

Managed Services Anywhere was a game-changer with the Lumen TAM providing a wide range of services to optimize a multi-cloud infrastructure.

Building a scalable environment for simplified governance
Healthcare equipment manufacturer

Building a scalable environment for simplified governance

By leveraging automation and a single TAM, this manufacturer now has the platform to drive growth at improved speeds.

Better service experiences for administrators, users, employees and residents
Government agency

Better service experiences for administrators, users, employees and residents

Streamlined operations allowed for maximum efficiency and cost savings in deploying applications and features without interruptions or compliance issues.