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Dynamically integrate voice, data and internet over a single SDN-enabled managed connection for high performance and max efficiency.

Simplified connectivity with room to grow

Integrate voice, data, and internet into a flexible and scalable solution that’s dynamically allocated over a single managed connection to make the most of your budget while keeping allocation flexible to evolve with your business.

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Service efficiency

Converged, SDN-enabled multi-service ports deliver local, private and public networking while optimizing app performance and cloud connectivity–plus automated bandwidth scaling to ensure you only pay for what you need.


Scalability for growth

Next-generation MEF CE 2.0 Ethernet access provides a flexible, high-capacity solution that dynamically scales bandwidth with demand and “single line” pricing simplifies costs as your business grows.

Connected Security

Comprehensive security

Network-based VPN concentrators support secure remote access, web/email gateway and internet breakout for increased threat protection and reliability.

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Features and Specs

  • Voice and Internet
  • Voice and MPLS/IP VPN
  • Internet and MPLS/IP VPN
  • MPLS/IP VPN + Voice + Secure Internet Access

  • Flexible bandwidth increments with up to six Classes of Service (Cos)
  • Ethernet over T-1, NxT-1, DS3
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet

  • PRI of Digital trunks (CAS)
  • Lines (w/ or w/o TDM Trunks)

  • Dynamic Capacity
    • Double or triple available bandwidth on a real-time, scheduled or alerts-driven basis
  • Secure Internet Access
    • Network-based Enterprise Secure Gateway Firewall available for your MPLS/IP VPN to help proactively protect your internet traffic
  • Enhanced Management
    •  Provides comprehensive visibility into network traffic by segment   
  • Enhanced Auto Reroutes
    • Business continuity solution allowing customers to reroute incoming calls to an alternate location

  • LumenSM Cloud Connect for consistent, efficient performance to a range of cloud service providers (CSPs)
  • Proactive 24/7 management with auto-ticketing in the event of a service issue
  • Flat or Commit + Burst pricing models for different budgeting and bandwidth needs
  • SDN-enabled networking for dynamic lifecycle-service orchestration