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New Report: The 4th Industrial Revolution will change the world 

The 4th Industrial Revolution is the 21st century convergence of digital, physical and bio technologies driving an unrelenting acceleration of human progress. According to the report, Global Poll: Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution, rapid changes are coming to IT, business and the world.

Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution - 79%

of global senior IT leaders say the next five years will see a century's worth of technological advancements1

Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution -3X

IT leaders in the US are 3x as concerned about innovating at the right speed in the future as they are today1

Future leaders will win with data

In the 4th Industrial Revolution, speed matters. Businesses that are nimble enough to act on data faster than their peers are well-positioned to become market leaders. They’re able to spot new trends, identify potential process improvements, speed innovation and drive bottom line growth.


of IT leaders believe the ability to quickly acquire, analyze and act on data determines future technology leaders1

Future leaders will win with data -acquire, analyze and act on data

Global trend report: The new normal for IT and business

See how nearly 1,200 IT leaders across 10 countries are responding to the 4th Industrial Revolution. Read the white paper and find out:

  • Why today’s IT infrastructure isn’t ready for next-gen apps and data
  • How emerging tech, like cloud, fiber and edge compute, will drive innovation
  • Which new skills, jobs and capabilities will redefine how we live and work
  • How your business can navigate upcoming opportunities and challenges


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Global Trend Report

Emerging technologies demand a modern application architecture

Advances in computing power, artificial intelligence, IoT and machine learning are enabling companies to speed the pace of growth and create amazing experiences in retail, healthcare, smart cities and other vertical industries. See what innovation looks like in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Retail (1:34) 

Corner markets offering grab-and-go shopping. Amazing AR and VR engagements. Shelves that restock automatically. Lumen is enabling the future of retail technology.

Healthcare (1:52) 

Remote, robotic surgery performed from 1,000 miles away. Doctors making virtual house calls. VR and AR surgical training in rural hospitals. Lumen powers emerging technologies to deliver healthcare virtually anywhere.

Manufacturing (1:35) 

Soon any product you can think of will be made better, safer and cleaner, in intelligent factories located everywhere. Lumen is the platform built for 4IR advances in smart manufacturing.

Smart Cities (1:46)

From parking spots that look for you, to traffic lights that stop air pollution, see how smart cities are getting smarter every day.

The all-in-one platform built for essential and emerging apps 

Lumen is an enterprise technology platform that enables companies to capitalize on a convergence of emerging technologies that power the 4th Industrial Revolution. It's the fastest, most secure platform for next-gen apps—from the cloud to the edge.


Give customers amazing experiences using an architecture that deploys next-gen apps like AI, ML and IoT across cloud and edge locations based on their specific latency requirements.


Stay agile and efficient with the ability to quickly scale high-bandwidth connectivity, cloud and edge computing resources to meet shifting app and data demands.

Hear from experts on 4IR and our platform

The Lumen Platform delivers network, tools and managed services to flexibly orchestrate applications across the cloud, the edge and your premises. It’s about delivering the capabilities our customers need to run their businesses."

Fletcher Keister, Chief Transformation Officer

Video (1:24)

The Lumen Platform provides a core competitive advantage for our customers, enabling you to acquire, analyze and act on data—making it easier to predict your customers’ needs and respond with better products and services that deliver amazing experiences."

Richard Batelaan, EVP North America Operations

Video (2:05)


Distributed applications and the Lumen Platform

Distributed applications and the Lumen Platform

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Learn how our distributed environment supports Edge Computing and joint solutions with Google, Microsoft, Amazon and VMware.

Lumen: The platform for amazing things

Lumen: The platform for amazing things

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Discover how you can act on data faster with a platform that delivers open standards, interoperable tools and an adaptive network.

Network technology and the Lumen Platform

Network technology and the Lumen Platform

5 min read

Find out how intent-based networking and the ability to scale make the Lumen Platform an ideal place for distributed applications to live.

1Quadrant Strategies, Global Poll: Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution, July 2020.