Empowering growth through inclusivity

We’re building a supply chain as diverse as the communities in which we live, work and serve customers.

Advancing opportunities for minority-owned businesses

We believe bringing people with different perspectives and experiences together enhances the products and services we offer. Our supplier diversity program connects diverse vendors to opportunities within Lumen—helping us empower people through technology while promoting inclusiveness and economic growth.

Diverse group of businesspeople sitting around a table
Diverse group of businesspeople sitting around a table  PlayButton

VIDEO: See why Lumen is a leader in supplier diversity (0:45)

Promoting diversity throughout the supply chain

The Lumen Supplier Diversity process encourages the use of small, minority, women, veteran, LGBT, disabled and serviced-disabled veteran business owners by our strategic suppliers. Reporting helps to ensure that our prime suppliers use diverse suppliers to complete subcontracting plan requirements.