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Meet the app-driven revolution (1:00)

Designed to deliver near-zero latency for next-gen apps on the edge

Performance and speed for your latency-sensitive, data-intensive applications via edge computing solutions with 5ms of latency available to 95% of U.S. businesses this year.

The fastest, most secure platform for next-gen apps and data

See how our 4 core IT components unify to power 4IR tech (2:05)


What's new

Optimized business scalability with edge computing
Forbes Edge Compute Webinar:

Optimized business scalability with edge computing

Forbes CIO Network Editor Martin Giles is joined by industry experts from Lumen, IBM and VMware to discuss how edge computing is accelerating business innovation and growth across virtually all industries.

Trends driving edge adoption
Edge Compute Trends Report:

Trends driving edge adoption

IT leaders say edge will positively impact innovation and customer experience.1 Discover the industry-specific trends driving business leaders to adopt edge computing.

Enterprise advantages of next-gen applications
Next-Gen Trends Report:

Enterprise advantages of next-gen applications

Learn how next-generation applications are empowering businesses to seize opportunities and overcome challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution with cloud compute and data processing closer to the data source.

Lumen customers in action

Delivering high-performance connectivity for real-time cloud applications and commerce. (0:30)


Powering scalable collaboration, secure connections and amazing experiences. (0:30)


A company born of the 4th Industrial Revolution

co-workers talking in an office

Lumen is committed to empowering human progress through technology by reimagining how applications are delivered.

Born of and for the digital world, and with our all-in-one platform, we have an architecture capable of enabling the amazing experiences promised in the 4th Industrial Revolution and helping our customers thrive in it.