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Unleash your network potential with Lumen SD-WAN solutions—featuring automated security, optimized performance and intelligent scalability for driving digital innovation.

Maximized performance
visibility and security

Lumen® SD-WAN with Versa Networks is designed to improve resource usage for multi-site deployments. It provides centralized cloud management, helps efficiently manage bandwidth and ensures high-level performance for critical applications. Find your potential cost savings with the SD-WAN calculator.

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Accelerated network agility

Dynamically route traffic, manage user policies and set security controls in near real time. Prioritize apps, mitigate performance issues and deploy app-aware failover to ensure access to critical cloud-based resources.


Operational efficiency

Managed services supplement in-house resources with highly skilled experts to help design, configure, deploy and manage your network, freeing up valuable IT resources for other projects.

Total Solution

Enhanced resiliency

Defend your hybrid network by deploying active/active connectivity that’s balanced under normal conditions and automatically reroutes if one connection goes down.

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Features and Specs

  • SD-WAN hosted infrastructure, software licenses and rental customer premises equipment (CPE) options supporting up to 10 Gbps
  • Lumen connectivity or bring-your-own-transport—MPLS, Ethernet, dedicated internet, broadband, 4G/LTE
  • Multiple virtual routers for complete traffic segmentation with unlimited forwarding paths
  • Site-to-site auto VPN securely connects branch locations using fully meshed, partially meshed or hub-and-spoke
  • Flexible WAN design options to fit individual site needs including high-availability and global configurations as well as BGP, OSPF and CGNAT

  • Management flexibility with fully managed and co-managed options
  • 24/7 customer self-service portal access for agile co-management
  • Automatic, customer and pre-defined identification for over 3,100 applications for policy-based control
  • Application QoS, intelligent optimal path selection and packet duplication
  • Service wrapper includes design, deployment, configuration, activation, change management, appliance/circuit monitoring and upgrades, event management, appliance upgrades and 24/7 support for the entire WAN solution
  • Optional (for fee) on-site installation and maintenance at each SD-WAN site

  • Authentication, key exchange and encryption
  • Stateful firewall and Geo-IP based firewall rules include content filtering, URL filtering, IP filtering and IDS/IPS
  • Real-time and historical analytics and reporting with pervasive visibility from Layer 2 to Layer 7 – sites, circuits, apps, threats, SD-WAN, etc.

Use Cases

Simplifying branch management

Bring multiple branch, campus, retail, data center, colocation and cloud locations under a single network umbrella with uniform policies and security protocols.

Optimizing the WAN

Seamlessly integrate public and private transport to effectively utilize bandwidth while eliminating bottlenecks, backhauling and passive connectivity.


Minimizing security risk

Software-defined security across your enterprise, including branch locations, provides visibility, centralized management and policy from a single dashboard.



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