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On-Demand or Always-On DDoS mitigation for powerful cybersecurity protection deployed in minutes.

Under a DDOS attack?

Multi-layer DDoS mitigation in minutes

Lumen DDoS Hyper delivers an automated self-service path so you can order and turn up your DDoS mitigation fast. Available for a flat monthly service fee and backed by multiple layers of threat defense, our extensive and deeply peered global backbone combines advanced scrubbing center technology with Black Lotus Labs® threat intelligence for enhanced cybersecurity to combat complex, costly and persistent threats.

Stop DDoS attacks in their tracks. (0:53)



Activate your DDoS protection with a simple, singular, flat monthly service rate regardless of size, length or frequency of attacks.

100 Mbps

clean traffic return rate

Good for sites with low traffic


per month with 12-month agreement*

200 Mbps

clean traffic return rate

Better for moderately-high activity


per month with 12-month agreement*

500 Mbps

clean traffic return rate

For high-volume digital businesses



per month with 12-month agreement*


*Rates are available for On-Demand mitigation services in the U.S. to eligible business customers, require a 12-month term agreement, are per month, based on total clean traffic return bandwidth, IPV4 protection and exclude transport, taxes, fees and surcharges, which may include compliance and administrative cost recovery fee, and state and local taxes. Rates require a signed agreement with minimum term commitment and early termination fees will apply as set forth in customer’s agreement. Services not available everywhere. Lumen may change, cancel, or substitute offers and services, or vary them by service area at its sole discretion without notice. Credit approval and deposit may be required. Offer may not be combined with other offers. Additional restrictions, terms and conditions apply.

Full desktop screen open to a Lumen reporting platform

Features and Specs

  • Order, configure and turn up services in minutes, even during an active attack
  • Network-based, unlimited mitigation for volumetric attacks
  • 15 global, intelligent scrubbing centers backed by 85+ Tbps of FlowSpec mitigation capacity
  • 9000+ unique AS interconnects* and 120+ Tbps of network capacity
  • Up to 10 Gbps of clean traffic return, with up to 10 GRE tunnels and 10 Flow based monitoring instances
  • Protects Lumen or third-party connections for IPv4 traffic
  • On-Demand or Always-On with proactive or auto-mitigation controls
  • Up to 10-minute time-to-mitigate SLAs for most attacks after traffic hits scrubbing centers

*Telegeography, Global Internet Geography Executive Summary, 2020.

  • Simplified quote and order process, with automated provisioning of service in minutes
  • Predetermined configurations for customer premises equipment
  • Predictable monthly service rate, regardless of size, length or frequency of DDoS attacks

  • Proactive monitoring and alerting using NetFlow from customer edge routers
  • Nine global security operations centers (SOCs) offer 24/7 support


Self-serve DDoS protection with simple pricing

Self-serve DDoS protection with simple pricing

Quote, order and configure network-based, unlimited mitigation for volumetric attacks with clean traffic return via GRE tunnel. Get a predictable monthly service rate, regardless of attack size, length or frequency.

Cybersecurity for the agile environment

Cybersecurity for the agile environment

As new applications are spun up in new environments, you’ll control the addition of new protected IP spaces and applications, wherever those applications reside.

Expert support and security consultation

Expert support and security consultation

DDoS Hyper is monitored 24/7 by our global Security Operations Centers. You can also access a professional security consultant at the push of a button for runbook development, analysis and reporting.

Lumen Quarterly DDoS Report Q2 2021

Stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity intel and mitigation strategies in the new Lumen Quarterly DDoS Report. In this edition, you’ll learn about: 


  • Attack landscape of IoT botnets such as Gafgyt and Mirai
  • Leading trends on duration and size of DDoS attacks
  • Industry profiles of the top verticals targeted in 2Q21

Use Cases

Rapid mitigation

Ideal for businesses currently experiencing a DDoS attack on critical web-facing resources and in need of rapid turn-up of mitigation services.

Agile protection

Ideal for businesses that rely on their website or web-facing apps to drive revenue and need a solution that is easy to configure, activate and fit within their budget.

Secure agility

Ideal for organizations that need to manage protection of web assets and apps in near real time as they are added and removed without burdening in-house IT staff.

Get more defense with comprehensive Lumen® DDoS Mitigation Service 

Harness the power of cybersecurity mitigation at scale using the extensive Lumen DDoS Mitigation Service with advanced network integration and protection against application-layer attacks.