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Upgrade phone lines for alarms, elevators and other safety systems with an all-inclusive replacement system for current POTS lines.

A fully managed, single source replacement for aging technology

Lumen Cloud Communications Specialty Lines service eases the transition from traditional POTS lines to a fully-managed digital solution for your life and safety systems. CPE equipment and installation is included, with backup cellular connectivity for "always on" visibility.

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Single system technology streamlines infrastructure needs and helps ensure alerts and alarms are captured and reported. Failover systems with backup connectivity built in via multiple providers helps provide the system with “always on” visibility.

<p>Fully Managed Solution</p>

Fully Managed Solution

24X7 managed and monitored POTS replacement helps ensure critical systems are functioning, to prevent catastrophic damage and downtime. Turn-key installation with all hardware, software, service and support from a trusted provider included.

<p>Future proof your business</p>

Future proof your business

The transition to a cloud-based offer means you won’t have to worry about continually updating systems that could be nearing end of life. Having the latest technology provides peace of mind that critical safety and security alarms will function properly

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Características y especificaciones

  • Includes Standard Lumen Cloud Communications features plus:
  • Addresses alarms, elevators, security, etc.
  • Includes LTE network connectivity
  • Includes CPE (UPS, ATA, LTE Router)
  • CPE management and monitoring
  • Installation included


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