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Empower your teams to proactively identify, act and respond to security threats with cybersecurity awareness training.

Build a security-first organisation

Create an end-to-end security culture by training and preparing your employees to protect information and assets with WorkWise™ Cybersecurity Awareness Training from Lumen and OnePhish™ Phishing Simulator for Cybersecurity Awareness. 

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Empower your employees

Establish data security as a company priority by keeping employees informed and trained, enabling them to keep each other accountable of security efforts.

Cost Control-Dollar

Reduce risk

Invest in cost-effective security training to prevent large data breach fix-and-recover costs to your digital, physical and intellectual assets—all while reducing human-error security breaches that could lead to fines, lawsuits or forced auditing.


Build trust

Having staff up-to-date and trained in cybersecurity gives customers more confidence when they provide their personal information.

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Features and Specifications

  • Conduct authorised attacks to evaluate and re-evaluate employee susceptibility to socially engineered tactics with the online phishing simulator
  • Coordinate a simulated attack from “set up” to “activity report review” with intuitive menus

  • Help employees understand the security implications of their actions and change their behaviour with our online training course
  • Get complete awareness training and best practices endorsed by leading industry experts


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