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Achieve exceptional performance, scalability and security with an edge compute platform built for modern engineering teams.

The controllable edge platform geared for today’s apps

As a comprehensive solution enabling high-performance, scalability and security, CDN Edge Computing allows engineers to gain complete, code-level control over edge workload configurations so developers can run and troubleshoot workloads using DevOps-friendly metrics and log alerts.

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Modular software

Modular software

Choose the software that best suits your needs with no software lock-in, leaving you free to select between custom, open source and proprietary solutions, all with real-time insights to identify and diagnose traffic trends.

Team efficiency

Team efficiency

Test configurations in your dev, test and staging environments. Speed up deployment cycles and automate workflows with extensible APIs and quickly track, identify and diagnose traffic trends with enriched, real-time logs and metrics.


Application performance

Application performance

With HTTP/2 network and DevOps integration plus third-party module based configurations, you can build, deliver, and optimize applications faster than on legacy CDNs.




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Features and Specs

  • More than 60 PoPs in over 40 locations globally
  • Real-time alert logs and trending metrics
  • HTTP/2 network and DevOps integration
  • Third-party module-based advanced static and dynamic content cache configurations, Varnish configuration (VCL) rules engine, front-end optimization and image optimization
  • DevOps-friendly edge compute platform
  • Accelerated application performance to enhance digital interactions globally
  • Creation of a digital twin for rapid testing and deployment
  • Modular marketplace of next-gen WAF, bot management and API protection solutions delivered through Lumen CDN Edge Compute platform containers
  • Containers that run within milliseconds of end-users, reducing cost and bandwidth constraints between origin servers
  • Rapid orchestration and deployment of security controls targeted to individual workflows in near real time development cycles
  • Global, robust network-based DDoS solution facilitated by one of the world’s largest and most deeply peered IP backbones to support end-to-end layer 3/4 and layer 7 protection
  • Bring your own workloads or choose, configure and deploy edge software from an extensive library of best-of-breed edge modules

Use Cases

Overcoming limited network architecture options

Flexible, virtual edge locations eliminate the constraints of fixed and inflexible networks.

Adapting to new technologies and market shifts

Open software selection to run at the edge for greater freedom of choice and faster implementation of new applications.

Integrating with DevOps for better edge control

Empower developers to test changes and optimize applications by building workflows with DevOps included.


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