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Hybrid connectivity that gets you hyped for the future

Hyper WAN Hyped Marco

What does Hyper WAN offer?

Internet Services

Hybrid WAN flexibility

Choose from four symmetrical bandwidth speeds—up to three Gbps for each of your locations.

Cost Control-Dollar

Simple design and pricing

Get a single monthly service charge that includes location preparation and two built-in firewalls for secure outbound internet traffic from IP VPN–connected locations.


Reliability and security

Hyper WAN is backed by service-level agreements (SLAs), including 99.99% network availability and 99.95% packet delivery and average round-trip network latency.

How can Hyper WAN accelerate your business? Find out in this short video.

Hyper WAN 101
Hyper WAN 101 PlayButton

How is Hyper WAN different?

A new approach to network agility

A new approach to network agility

Get a comparison of how Hyper WAN speeds initial installation and ongoing changes, enhances agility, and boosts security while simplifying IT management. You’ll learn what distinguishes us from traditional WAN optimization.

Why we're a market leader

Why we're a market leader

Don’t just take our word for it. Learn why Gartner named us a leader in its 2021 Magic Quadrant for global network services, which evaluates leading service providers based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.

How does Hyper WAN work?


Price, purchase and scale as needed

Find out what Hyper WAN can offer your company depending on your specific goals. This scannable, two-page document also includes pricing examples.

Video Streaming

A guide to our self-service pricing and purchasing

Use this short video to get a step-by-step explanation of the network design process when signing up your locations—including how pricing works for bandwidth and optional features.


Find the right WAN for your business

Answer these four quick questions to see if your company would benefit from Hyper WAN. The no-obligation results are based on the distribution and number of your locations, along with your network connectivity type and speed requirements.


A guide to network options

Compare and contrast dedicated internet access, private connectivity and network types to make sure Hyper WAN offers the right functionality and choices for your business.

How can Hyper WAN help with these business scenarios?

Returning to the office

To welcome employees back, you must empower them with a flexible, reliable network that supports a hybrid way of working—without straining the budget. Are you ready for this and other unexpected changes to your WAN requirements?

Employees Returning to Office

Moving to the cloud

Companies are moving to the cloud for its scalability, ease of maintenance and accessibility from anywhere. But how do you transition successfully to a cloud-first model from your existing network setup? 

Companies Moving to Cloud
Business Growth Market

Future-proof your network with Lumen® Hyper WAN®

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