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Lumen® DDoS Hyper

Activate DDoS protection for critical web assets in minutes

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DDoS Quarterly Report: Q2 2022

You can control how your business responds to cyber threats

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Adaptive Threat Intelligence

Empowering defenders with automated threat detection and response

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Global Trend Report: How the 4th Industrial Revolution is Changing IT, Business and the World

A new global poll of 1200+ IT leaders conducted by Quadrant Strategies finds these are the top forces shaping the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Blog: Is Your Business Suffering From a DDoS Attack

There’s little you can do to prevent a DDoS attack, but when armed with the right tools, you can quickly mitigate them.

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Ransomware Assessment

Get an in-depth analysis of your threat defenses with expert threat modeling and penetration testing to help identify and prevent malware and other threats.

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DDoS Checklist

4 capabilities to look for in a DDoS protection service

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Consider your SASE Adoption Now

The SASE adoption that fits your business’s needs.

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Lumen® DDoS Mitigation

Today’s Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are growing in size, frequency and complexity. No enterprise is immune to these threats. Application availability, website uptime and infrastructure accessibility are all critical for business continuity. Every minute of downtime can result in lost productivity and revenue.

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DDoS Attacks are Surging

As the 4th Industrial Revolution continues to drive innovation and accelerate business, attackers will continue to evolve their tactics to exploit your vulnerabilities. At every level, Lumen remains focused on helping you protect the data and systems you rely on.

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8 Common Cyber Attacks Occurring Now

Identify your digital risk to the most common attacks and learn how to prevent and mitigate damage.

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IDC Infographic: Security Solutions at the Edge

See how edge security solutions result in tangible business improvements.

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Video: Professional Security Services

Lumen® Professional Security Services offers hands-on support from a deep bench of certified in-house consultants and engineers

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Ransomware Assessment

Lumen® Ransomware Assessment helps companies minimize their risk exposure to ransomware.

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The Reemergence of Ransom-Based Distributed Denial of Service (RDDoS) Attacks

These RDDoS attacks aim to exhaust all available resources of easily internet-accessible networks, infrastructure or applications.

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Web Application Firewall Services

Accelerating and securing modern web experiences

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Security Assessment| Lumen

Get a Lumen security assessment to evaluate your security frameworks, identify gaps and provide recommendations to achieve your desired security posture.

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Video: Web Application Firewall

Accelerate and secure your web experience.

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IDC Market Note: The Lumen® Platform and Enhanced DDoS Mitigation Services

This IDC Market Note provides insight into the enhanced Lumen DDoS mitigation services and the new DDoS Hyper offering.

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The New Cyber Arms Race. A Changing Attack Landscape Requires a Modernized Strategy

DDoS attacks are changing. Is your strategy keeping pace? Attack frequency is on the rise and the severity of impact is greater than ever.

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Lumen® Managed Enterprise With Cisco Meraki

Lumen Managed Enterprise with Cisco Meraki is a secure, simple Wi-Fi and networking solution with enhanced reporting — simply managed for your business.

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Lumen® Managed SIEM

Relieve the pressure on your in-house security team.

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Managed Firewall Services

Safeguard your business from malicious threats.

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Accelerating and Securing the Digital Experience

In today’s digital economy, the underlying applications and workflows that power organizations must be agile, secure and perform in an optimal manner.

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Managing to the Edge: The Necessity of Network-Integrated Security

Security leaders report quantifiable success, significant value, and improvements in business outcomes with third-party managed services.

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Keys to Success in the 4IR

A new global poll of 1200+ IT leaders conducted by Quadrant Strategies finds these are the top forces shaping the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Questions? Let’s talk.

Contact our team to get the assistance and answers you’re looking for.

Questions? Let’s talk.

Contact our team to get the assistance and answers you’re looking for.

Questions? Let’s talk.

Contact our team to get the assistance and answers you’re looking for.