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Rapid deployment, simplified management.

Easily organize and monitor your infrastructure, workloads and services across multi-edge environments.

A single orchestrator for multi-edge deployments

Coordinate automated deployment, management and monitoring of instances across all your cloud edge environments with a single, unified orchestration engine—built to integrate with your developers’ preferred tools.

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third-party providers can be integrated

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6 systems

Edge Bare Metal, Edge VM, Network Storage, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

Why Edge Orchestrator?

Self-service management

Manage your instance inventory with monitoring, reports and guidance—and sync VMs, K8s nodes and workload instances into inventory.

Third-party DevOps integration

Avoid lock-in with the integration of common third-party DevOps tools, templates and scripts like Ansible, Chef, Puppet and Salt.

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Características y especificaciones

  • Bring-Your-own-Clouds (BYoC) including integration with AWS, Azure and GCP
  • API integration with AWS, Azure and GCP enabling networking, load balancer and backup management 
  • Automate redundancy for VMs, baremetal instances and storage snapshots

  • Blueprints including ARM, Terraform, CloudFormation and Kubernetes for modeling multi-tier application deployments for multiple environments 
  • Virtual Images hosting OS or application software for VMs 
  • Built-in library of instance types, scripts, automation templates

  • Central dashboard for easy performance management and configuration information  
  • Multiple report types covering usage, cost, inventory, major actions, groups and clouds  
  • Intelligent recommendations for components like sizing, power state and shutdown based on your resource usage and costs  
  • Instance monitoring with health and group checks and alerts  
  • Analytics engine that projects costs and usage by customizable values  
  • Host and VM management for all your clouds
  • K8 cluster (Kubernetes, Docker, EKS and AKS) management and provisioning


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