Delivering solutions for government’s biggest IT challenges.

Deploy the platform for next-gen government

Lumen combines government expertise and trusted technology on the enterprise platform designed to deliver next-gen experiences for your constituents.

Meet citizen needs
using the power of digital

Discover digital transformation insights and best practices for state and local government.

A roadmap for innovation
All-In-One Platform

A roadmap for innovation

Discover how an adaptive network, cloud-based services and built-in security can build a future-proof foundation for digital transformation.

Data-driven results
Adaptive Networking

Data-driven results

A proper network foundation can better prepare agencies for a smarter, data-driven future that helps exceed citizen expectations.

Simplify cybersecurity
Connected Security

Simplify cybersecurity

Securely connect, proactively monitor and effectively defend against constantly evolving threats.

Solutions to advance IT service delivery

Build a strong foundation for your agency with Lumen networking, edge cloud, security and collaboration solutions.

Adaptive Networking

Power the performance and reliability you and your citizens require with our secure, fast and flexible SD-WAN, cloud and content delivery solutions.

Edge Computing

Accelerate data and applications for your next-gen government agency workloads via ultra-low latency, connectivity and distributed compute.

Connected Security

Detect, protect against and respond to cyberattacks with security capabilities approved by the Department of Homeland Security.


Unify your agency’s communications with exceptional technology and equipment at a predictable cost.

Leverage our technology partners

Lumen strategic partners deliver the framework, tools and expertise from top technology suppliers.

Experience you can count on

Enhance digital experiences for state and local governments, agencies and educational institutions with Lumen expertise.

Meg Coker

Senior Director, Government Strategy

David Young

Senior Vice President, Public Sector

Sonia Ramsey

Regional Vice President, State and Local Government and Education

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