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Dedicated, on-demand and pay-as-you-go bare metal servers hosted in distributed locations across our low-latency network.

Use our online price estimator to calculate your monthly costs before purchasing Edge Bare Metal.

High-performance compute to run next-gen apps

Your high-bandwidth, real-time workloads can’t afford delays. Edge Bare Metal offers flexible access to a distributed network of high-capacity bare metal servers designed to deliver 5ms or better latency and geared to maximize security, performance and orchestration control.

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Price Estimator

Server locations

Choose from one of our 60+ edge locations.

Server size

Select from three different server sizes.


Additional services

Add on backup, support and more.

Build an estimate to understand your monthly costs before you purchase Edge Bare Metal.


Increase control

Increase control

Choose an operating system, configuration size and pricing model that's tailored to deliver consistent performance for your compute-intensive applications.

Enhance security

Enhance security

Protect data with dedicated physical servers geared to offer secure, single-tenancy, user-defined firewall policies and fully encrypted local storage.

Maximize performance

Maximize performance

Run apps via edge nodes designed for 5ms latency or better. Deploy bare metal servers designed to be available in less than an hour.

Features and Specs

  • Multiple operating systems and usage models available
  • Combination of container technology and bare metal servers with pay-as-you-go, turn-on/turn-off flexibility
  • Container bin packaging for more efficient hardware use
  • Flexible server and storage configuration options

  • Dedicated servers provisioned via our intuitive Control Portal or API calls
  • Isolated environment as opposed to multi-tenancy

  • Unified, consistent operations across CPU, memory and storage
  • Quick ramp up for large numbers of containers