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Enhance your viewers’ experience and keep them engaged, with midstream multi-CDN switching for VOD and live video delivery at the edge.

Try midstream multi-CDN switching free for 30 days*

Lumen CDN Load Balancer seamlessly orchestrates your biggest live and VOD streams. Try it on your real-world traffic today.

*Restrictions may apply. See details below.

Boost your multi-CDN strategy  with an instream switcher

For companies delivering over-the-top (OTT) video, Lumen CDN Load Balancer virtually eliminates potential downtime and poor streaming quality due to CDN failure. Leveraging device edge technologies, our multi-CDN selector dynamically switches to the best-performing content delivery network within your stack. 

VIDEO: See how CDN Load Balancer works (7:28)

Screen open to a reporting platform with two graphs representing the acitiviy of CDN Orchestrator
Screen open to a reporting platform with two graphs representing the acitiviy of CDN Orchestrator PlayButton



Optimized viewer experience

Within the video player, CDN Load Balancer selects the best video source according to user device metrics, customizing delivery to each individual viewer.

Video Streaming

Maximum reliability

By dynamically choosing CDNs on a per-segment basis, CDN Load Balancer can switch CDNs during the video session without a page refresh and without adding a single point of failure to your workflow.


Enhanced QoS

An easy-to-integrate module applies a holistic policy based on your business inputs, quality of service across your user base and real-time device feedback.

Screen open to a reporting platform with two graphs representing the acitiviy of CDN Orchestrator

Features and Specs

  • 100% transparent for end-users: no plugins or extensions to install and no page refresh required (instream switching)
  • Configurable CDN Prioritization: based on customer sensitivity to changes in video QOS
  • Instream multi-sourcing: fetching each segment from the optimal CDN for each viewer for both live and VOD streams
  • Configuration injection: per platform, per stream, tailored to each use case or subset of broadcaster’s traffic
  • Dashboard: GUI and data API for CDN traffic, bandwidth (measured by viewer devices), error rates, viewers and buffering ratio

  • Segment-by-segment decisioning to mitigate CDN failure anywhere and at any time during the session
  • Instream switching protects against the cascade effect that a CDN failure and massive wave of page refreshes can have on the video workflow
  • No single point of failure: client-side decisioning requires no persistent backend connection during the video session

  • Web: all browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chromium-based browsers, Edge, and IE
  • Mobile: Android, iOS
  • Connected TVs: Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, Chromium-based set-top boxes
  • Connected devices: Apple TV (tvOS), Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Android-based devices
  • C++: code base easily portable to other consoles and devices

  • Multi-region autoscaling
  • Seamless fallback to the default CDN for all new video sessions in case of an issue with CDN Load Balancer
  • Domain and app secret key whitelisting
  • Geo-blocking per country or per ASN
  • Fully encrypted communications with the backend (HTTPS & WSS)

WEBINAR: Multi-CDN with Hulu and Dan Rayburn

Watch on-demand to learn more about how multi-CDN can help improve viewer experience with content delivery network expert Dan Rayburn and a panel from Hulu and Lumen.

Take your multi-CDN strategy to the next level free for 30 days.*

Test drive the reliability and performance of our midstream switcher today with no commitment.

* Offer limited to configurations, compatible systems and usage limitations including maximum data volumes set out by Lumen. Offer available for a limited time to qualifying business customers for new service. Service and offer may not be available everywhere. Lumen may change, cancel or substitute offers and services or vary them by service area at its sole discretion, without notice. Offer may not be combined with other offers. Credit approval and deposit may be required. Additional restrictions, terms and conditions may apply.